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Wednesday, January 19

It's Soooo Cold on Lawn Guyland

Two people froze to death in New York City, God rest their souls. We're not really used to this sort of thing here although last winter was a doozy and very unusual. It's been a normal winter (40º's - 50º's.) here until now. Yesterday I rolled out of bed in the afternoon and then ventured out around 4:30 to buy doll parts for my "anima sola" collage. The thermometer in the car read 11º. Holy shit! No wonder my nasal passages froze up. It's supposed to snow an inch later on. Oh wait, it's snowing now. Living on the coast gives us a more moderate climate than inland areas in the northeast. It's warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Well it's supposed to be that way anyway. I can't wait for spring. I hear it's warm in Arizona now. Sure, when I was there I was wearing my parka.

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