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Tuesday, January 25

The Inaugural Speech: Tyranny, Freedom, Socks, Bras, and Underwear

By James Boyne
It’s a nice speech. I wonder who wrote it. It must have taken a lot of English majors to put together that one. It’s a tribute to the White House staff of speechwriters.

So here we are, off a mission to rid the planet of tyranny. Why didn’t I think of that?

It sounds like an expensive mission. Tyranny is all over the place. Yes, tyranny vs. liberty. It has a nice ring to it. North Korea, Syria, Lebanon, Cuba, most of the continent of Africa, Haiti, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and wow, even Communist China (our favorite trading partner)----they are all countries under tyranny led by brutal tyrants. We really have our work cut out for us. Sounds expensive too. Wonder how long all this tyranny has been going on. We better get started and set the captives free so freedom will triumph. I’m listening to the speech right now. Bush just said that even God was going to help us. This is great.

This is really an eloquent speech. I have got to find out who wrote this. He just said we are ready for the greatest achievements in the history of freedom. I’m psyched.
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And there is a follow up story on the Ass Warmers at the Inauguration too!
"Here’s what we know. The President knew beforehand and had previous knowledge that ass warmers would be used at the Inauguration. "

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