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Sunday, January 23

How Do They Measure Snow

when it's a nor'easter and the wind is blowing 40mph? They say we're getting 1-2 feet of snow when it all ends today. It's hard to tell with all this wind. They declared Long Island a disaster area. heh. Don't drive. But we have an SUV for the weekend. We HAVE TO DRIVE.

There is flooding on the south shore barrier islands and the bright rich folks who built their houses on the sand were supposed to evacuate as their houses are in danger of collapsing... as usual. We'll have to drop caviar and Perrier to those areas when the storm leaves to aid the victims. Then the Army Corp of Engineers have to come in and push the sand back and fill breaches in the residential areas to make it safe for the very wealthy to inhabit a sand bar. It's mostly state parks on the barrier islands. We have lost a lot of beach in the last 20 years. They used to be a lot bigger but with the end of the world coming and so many homosexuals occupying beach communities, the nor'easters are getting stronger, more frequent and each summer we notice less beach and more water.

From my front door which faces south I can see that some areas have 1 inch and some areas have a couple of feet of drifts. I couldn't tell you how much snow there is in feet or inches. It would depend where I dropped my ruler. My street is already plowed. I live on a through street. The snow is piled high at the end of the driveway. I hate that. That's heart attack shoveling.

This happens every time it snows: "Where are my snow boots?" "Does anyone have a clue where the shovels are?" Hope they're not in the shed. You can't get there from here. "Whose bright idea was it to have the shed built on the northeast corner of the property?" Nevermind.

The wind is stiff out of the SSW. I can tell by the yellow flag on the second hole of the golf course across the street. But out back, something is hitting my house constantly. I can't sleep. I thought we had all the trees well pruned in the fall. I'm afraid to look. I hope it's not a disembodied hand or something. I'll wait till daybreak to look in the back. The back is scary.

That's it for now. I'm going to try to fall back asleep. I'll need my energy to do some cross country skiing later and shoveling.

UPDATE: 11:26am Can't get out the front door. Someone left footprints on the path leading up to the house. Why didn't they bring a shovel and clear the area in front of the door so I could open it? If you are reading this and left footprints on my driveway, come back with a shovel. Or a plow. I know it wasn't you, Pat. The wind is whipping out of the west now which means that the storm is on it's way out. The sun is out but it's frigid. My street is plowed, but you can't there from here.

My father in law from coastal New Hampshire just called. They're marooned too. He says he has enough scotch for 5 days and then he has to wing it. They got 30" down at the Cape (Cape Cod).

More Update: Dune Road is under 4 ft of water and awaiting even more storm surge. Dune Road is on a barrier island (sand bar) in the Hamptons. The rescue people can't get there from here. The very wealthy keep building on Dune Road. The mansions are under water and we are all grieving for them. Keep them in your prayers. I doubt anyone is in those houses this weekend. They are probably in Hollywood or their Manhattan apartments.

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