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Saturday, January 1

Hello 2005, and Welcome!

My name is Patricia. I am very happy to meet you. Sorry I wimped out on your arrival last night. I was so excited anticipating your arrival that I celebrated too heartily, and yes, a wee bit too early. What I'm trying to say is that wine with dinner followed by a sinful martini caused me to wonder off to bed about eleven o'clock. Please forgive me for missing the tons of fireworks, New York City's dropping of a huge crystal ball and all the rest of the American festivities. Just as an aside, I find it comical that in our country the first thing we do every year is "drop the ball". No wonder we never seem to get anything right.

So year 2005, what do you think so far? You're just an infant year but I'm afraid you will be allowed no time for on the job training. You have to hit the ground running. Your predecessor left with much shame on his face. He must have arrived angry last January and he departed with disgrace last night. So many horrible things occurred during his reign. You'll see what I mean when you show up for work today. Your desk is cluttered with unimaginable problems and your "to do" list is unending. There are no erasers on your pencils and you do not begin with a clean slate. You must work with what you find.

There are so many people who are looking to you to make life on earth a lot better than 2004. We're in a mess here. We are so messed up that while we mourn the deaths of the tsunami victims, we at the same time label the deaths of thousands and thousands of innocent Iraqis as a victory of sorts. See what I mean? We need help. We actually think that somehow it is patriotic to send our soldiers to die in a war that was based on "created" reasons, rather than on sound information.

Yes little 2005, you have been left with a dirty office. You will meet an angry staff. Your job is not enviable. But I want you to know that there are an awful lot of us who will work with you for the next twelve months. We are behind you all the way and we so deeply want you to succeed. When your time comes to leave your post next December 31, we want to wave to you and smile. We want to shed a tear at your exit. We pushed your predecessor out the door and we told him to go straight to hell. We won't miss him one bit. Please do your job well and when the time comes for you to leave us, we want to say we'll miss you, not we're glad to see you go.

So, now it's your turn 2005. You have been left with an ugly tangled mess. Perhaps if we all work together and if we all begin on the same page, we can make a positive difference. Where do you want to begin?

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