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Thursday, January 20

Gay Tolerance again

I was over reading Frogsdong's blog and getting edumacated about them gay people. So I read Crafting Gay Children and I read that Sponge Bob and Barney, et al are promoting Gay Tolerance! Yikes. They got the story from World Net Daily, that bastion of reliable news in America. NOT.

Gay people I know tell me that they were just born that way. I have no reason to believe that they aren't, just as I was born boy crazy, I am sure that most gay men were too. It's just how you are crafted by the creator. So is it a genetic thing? And if so, does that mean that one of your parents had gay leanings but chose to closet it? Think about that.

Now here is one of my tangent rants:
I suppose being an art major made me tolerant of gay people and nudity. Gay nude people too. I was of course a bit taken aback in my freshman year of college while spending the day sketching naked people. I giggled behind my humongous sketch pad at first. During a break, a male model came back to see what I was drawing. I was sitting down. His penis was right next to my face! I never had that before in a casual way. I called my mom to tell her about that one. I think I called everyone and told everyone that story. I was definitely going to be an art major. Most of the male models were gay. By sophomore year, it didn't phase me at all. We had men in the school but they didn't live at the dorms. I switched to a coed school by junior year just to see what it was like after 4 years of all girls HS and 2 years of all girls college.

Many of my classmates in art college were gay however the dance majors had waaaay more gay students and they were subject to bashing by the gym majors, like anyone had any respect for a fucking gym major. (We had to look down on someone, ya know) I especially liked the more flamboyant gay male students and enjoyed hanging with them the most. If I weren't a woman, I'd certainly be a flamboyant gay male. I have all the personality characteristics and affectations of an obviously gay man.

After I got my boring MBA in marketing for my job, I attended Parsons School of Design for Interior Design during my lunch hours, ahhhhh. Sadly that was in the early 80's and most of my friends from that era are dead from AIDS. When I attended the Catholic Seminary in the late 80's early 90's for my MDiv along with the future priests, I met even more gay men. Mostly gay men actually. Nice gymnasium they had there. Ahem. Less flamboyant men in the seminary though but very into interior design as well as the Lord. I seem to gravitate towards gay majors except for the MBA where if anyone was gay there, they were hiding it well.

I really don't get why some people are so opposed to gay people. Why do they think that you can teach a child to grow up gay? I don't believe that. I really can't believe that gays are any more child molesters than anyone else. I don't believe it. Child molesters are just pervs. Period. I bet the studies would show that daddies are the biggest molesters of their own kids. That's what I think. No, my dad never molested me. He was a sweetheart.

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