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Thursday, January 20

A Father In Law's Phone Call

Uh oh. He called last night. His name was on the caller-ID. Was he calling to gloat that his man bush was being inaugurated today and rub it in? I hadn't really spoken to him about politics since we got into a fight about the clinton blow job last fall. The husband answered the phone and spoke to his 87 year old dad who now lives in New Hampshire, also known as the "orator".

It went something like this (paraphrased):"Have you been watching the television? This is the biggest, most flagrant waste of money I have ever witnessed. This is the second inauguration for this man. What is he thinking? We are in a war and look at this spectacle he is putting on in Washington. This is a disgrace. He doesn't deserve to have anything like this with our money. He renegged on his promises to uphold the constitution the first time and he isn't going to uphold it this time. This is a disgrace!"

Well well well. I don't know how mom in law feels about this cause she joined the Christian coalition thinking it was good because it was "christian" but this turn around in dad in law was striking. Mind you, these people only read the Wall Street Journal and watch Fox News but somehow they read between the lines and saw the sham that this administration is. Whew. There is hope if these christian conservative catholics can see through the crapola. Then again dad in law was Vice President of some of America's better institutions of higher learning. He is no dummy.

I sometimes wonder if my parents had lived a little bit longer if they would have had a turn around after a couple of years of bush. Probably. (Wishful thinking) My mom was a CNN junkie and we were always arguing about politics even though I didn't even have time to watch tv or read a paper when she was alive (I was too busy taking care of her). She would just tell me what was on the news and I would turn red and blow a fuse. She died right before 9/11. I so wished she was alive then so we could discuss that doozy as I believed it was an inside job from the get go and I later found out that most New Yorkers also believed it too. Alas I was trying to sell her house at that time which wasn't easy since 20 people from her town died in the WTC. She lived in a rich stock broker hoity toity village.

A lot of people thought I should move into her house when she died, but you know me, the perennial anarchist hippy, I should sooner die than live in that town (once was enough): Bush's base you know, the "haves" and the "have mores". yuk. My in laws who now live in New Hampshire were also from that town when they lived on Long Island. That's where I met hubby. Interestingly there were a whole load of us long haired, bell bottomed, pot smoking, hippy kids there... with degrees from America's finest universities. Sons and daughters of the cocktails at 5 crowd. Sons and daughters of the don't ask, don't tell generation. They did love Jack Kennedy though. We were Rebels. Still are. Even the ones who stayed there to live in the families manses are still "out there". God bless 'em. I'm gonna be 50 next week. Time flies yet it seems like yesterday when we'd have parties in mansions when someone's parents were away- throwing up in well manicured, perfectly maintained landscapes. Making out in the butler's pantry.

Where was I?

Oh yes, even the conservative parents are coming home to roost. That was it.

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