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Friday, January 28

Cheap Thrills

This was originally posted on January 27 (yesterday). Since it was such a popular thread, I, Blondesense have moved it to the top today's headlines as well. -Mgmt

by pissed off patricia

Just for the hell of it let's talk about something light and easy. Let's talk about cheap thrills. You know, those little things that happen in life that make you smile. Sometimes it's a sheepish little smile and sometimes that smile crawls all over your face and creeps right into your heart.

Cheap thrills like finding something you thought was lost forever. Cheap thrills like discovering a bloom on a rose bush you believed to be on the edge of death. There are tons of cheap thrills. I'll tell you some of mine if you'll tell me some of yours. Deal?

Okay, for me a cheap thrill is discovering a bird at my bird feeder that I've never seen before. I get all excited and grab the Peterson's, "Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern and Central North America", to get an identification on this new visitor. (I can nerd out and dork out with the best of them) I have kept a diary of every type of bird that I've spotted at the feeder for a whole bunch of years, so a new bird is definitely a big and wonderful cheap thrill for me.

Another cheap thrill for me is seeing a rainbow. I love it when a rainbow arches over my house. It always makes me feel that something very special is about to happen.

Not all cheap thrills are nature related, some are simple like putting money into a candy machine and getting two bars instead of one. What should you do then? You can't shove the candy back up into the machine, so you can share it with someone, or better yet, pig out on it all by yourself.

So your cheap thrills are what?

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