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Monday, January 24

A Cabinet To Die For

Imagine Elected Officials in Washington Who Actually Represented You? Imagine if they voted against these weasels or really confronted the hell out of them?

I don't care if they're Republican or Democrat, they all seem to be weenies. There is some more question as to the character of Gonzalez (he defended the national weasel, GW Bush, POTUS): Newsweek reports that Gonzalez helped bush to get out of jury in 1996 on a DUI case because it might have required bushie to reveal that he too was convicted of a DUI in Maine in 1976. It's kind of a weenie thing. The torture memos are more of a scandal, but in this country, blow jobs and old DUI's are just plain immoral.

I posted below how Rummy the Dummy is trying to do away with the CIA and replace it with even a more secret spy ring. At least McCain is on that one.

How about that shady but unsexy (like Kerik) Chertoff? Or that blatant liar, Condi?

A decent Republican or Democrat in Washington should be all over this gang. Doesn't anyone who vows to uphold the constitution actually mean it? "We're gonna ask you some questions even though you're gonna be installed anyway." baaaaa

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