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Thursday, January 27


by pissed off patricia

President's News (not really) Conference Yesterday

Bush was on TV yesterday morning. If you made it through the gag reflex you heard his bullshit. The press got a little more engaged than usual so he evaded and lied a little more than usual.

When he was asked about the chopper crash in Iraq he said, "Anytime we lose life it's a sad moment."

Snuggle up little baby and stop your cryin'. Daddy/Mommy won't be coming home. He/She was killed yesterday morning in Iraq. Does it make you feel better sweetheart to know that Daddy's/Mommy's death caused the president to have a "sad moment"? You'll hurt all your life and the president was sad for a "moment". Snuggle up little baby and stop your cryin'.

Bush repeated his mantra that a free country is a peaceful country. Isn't the US a free country? Didn't the US invade another country and doesn't it fight a war until this day? Is that what peaceful is all about? Nice example!

Bush is apparently going to fly around the country at our expense as he tries to sell his Social Security reform package. More accurately he will be doing little pricey infomercials for his own agenda. He says he doesn't want to pass the Social Security financial problem on to future generations. Funny, he doesn't seem to mind passing on the national debt to future generations.

Bush also said he sends his condolences and prayers to those who have lost loved ones in this freakin' war. He failed to mention he will also send out a check to them for a lousy $12,000. Does he also include a thank you note with that check? Does he mention that the half of that $12,000.00 is taxable? It is.

Bush encouraged the Senate to confirm Rice and Gonzales. Crooks love one another's company. He got a little hot under the collar when he spoke about the questions regarding Rice's integrity. He doth protest too much. This was one of the many times you truly wanted to slap the hell out of him and perhaps knock the denial out of him too.

Bush waxed fondly when he spoke of the upcoming Iraqi elections. It was the same old, same old. It may be an election for the Iraqis, but I think it's an erection for bush. I think he may actually think that he will go down in history as the Second Savior. I'm doubting that.

Bush's show lasted about 40 some minutes. Is that more or less than 30 some sad "moments"?

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