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Wednesday, January 26


by pissed off patricia

While the right wing Christians are putting the squeeze on little Sponge Bob Square Pants for allegedly promoting the inclusion of homosexuals into our circle of friends (the nerve of that little cartoon Porifera). Ms. Condi Rice will be promoted for being complicit in a scandal to take America into a war based on contrived information. Okay, yeah that makes no sense but WTF, we don't need no stinkin' logic.

We now want to offer a $15,000 bonus to get an additional 15,000 soldiers to sign up for the Guard. As of now, we offer them $50.00 according to some reports and $5,000 according to others. We aren't getting a lot of takers so we want to up the ante. We are sort of auctioning off chances to go to Iraq and get the hell shot out of our Guard. Do I hear $30,000? Going once, going twice, sold to the soldier who needs money more than his family needs him. Patriotism has its price in more ways than one. Since we are short of Guard members, please tell all your friends who support this war to please sign up, volunteer, turn down the enlistment enticement, and support our troops by giving them a breather and a hand. I'm sure bush would tell you that war is "hard work", so get those red-staters on the ball and let's win this war right now. Tell them to take that tacky assed magnet off their SUV's and get their red state asses over there to help out where ever they're needed.

Sunday there will be an election of sorts in Iraq. Most of the Iraqis don't know who is running or where they will vote, but WTF, it will be a legit election. Some who are running are so fearful that they can't allow their names to appear on the ballot so they will be represented by a symbol or something. I don't think this election would pass the smell test in our country. Oh wait, Iraq sort of is our country isn't it? We invaded and we are occupying Iraq, we are paying for the war, we will pay for the reconstruction, and I'm guessing we are paying the salaries of the Iraqi army, such as it is. Damn, why can't we vote in the election too?

Come to think of it, we voted for a symbol too didn't we? Fifty two percent of Americans voted in November for a symbol of war and division in this country. They voted for someone who is scared shitless to appear in public without an arsenal surrounding him. They voted for a man who is despised in way too many countries around the world. They voted for a man who sees torture as an option. Holy shit, they elected someone who wouldn't even qualify to run in the Iraqi elections. Nice symbolic gesture on their part, don't ya think?

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