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Sunday, January 23


by pissed off patricia

I'm back again. While in Savannah I watched the coronation of king george and I fussed and fumed. I swore up a blue streak. I spoke as no lady should speak. I didn't feel much like a lady, I felt like one mad freakin' American.

I was consumed with anger and resentment the entire week, it continued with me all the way home. When I arrived home I was met with some, oh so upsetting, news. My head and my heart changed courses after the journey was done. Funny how that happened. One moment I was raging and the next minute I was crying. My heart and my head were confronted with bad news on a personal level and it swept me away to a place I didn't want to go.

I shan’t go into the details here because that would betray a confidence that I hold very dear. Let's instead think about the similarities of being angry and being broken hearted. These two emotions are similar in that you feel helpless to do anything about either of them. Frustration seems to accompany both.

Right now part of me wants to share the anger I feel about what appears to be the future of our country, but I can't do that at this time because it sort of pales to the other feelings that I have. For this moment in time none of that matters. It will later, but not right now. Instead I'm just going to say that there's someone who means the world to me and my heart and my soul are all about that person today. That's where I will be until things change for the positive. I am frightened about today, perhaps at another time I will be angry about tomorrow.

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