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Monday, January 24

Bitchin' a Little More

by pissed off patricia

Even as I type this, C-Span is showing the farewell ceremony for our illustrious Attorney General. Yes indeed, Ashcroft is saying bye bye for now. Of course there are lots of people taking the lectern to speak of how wonderful he has been for our country. Where the hell have they been and how many fools can fit into one spider hole?

Yeah, he's been fabulous if you believe a country that restricts the public's freedoms, and at the same time allows the government to break the laws of the land, is a moving in the right direction. Damn, has john boy made us safer or what? I vote for "or what".

Just looking at him scares the hell out of me.

I guess the reason we are jettisoning him is because the white house believes they just may have found someone even more evil. His replacement has proven his ability to be evil when he high-fived prison torture. Ha, beat that one John. Alberto is flying his pirate flag even higher than yours. His skull and crossbones can be seen around the world. Your puny little poison was pretty much just popular here at home. Sorry John, we have a nastier fellow in mind for your job. He has proven his evilness for a long time and now it's his turn to damage our country beyond repair. If there were true justice John, the first thing Alberto would do is slap your ass in prison along with a whole pile of other Washington crooks, sneaks and cheats. Of course if he locked up all the liars first we might run out of prison cells and just have to outsource the rest of you to foreign prisons. I'm sure you're aware of the ones. I bet you have all their addresses in your Rolodex already.

So go home tonight John and pour oil all over your body, pick up your bible and read all the "nasty" parts. Shine a bright light on your slippery body and pray. Pray that if there is a god that he is a forgiving god, because baby, you are going to need a lot of that if you even make it to your god's pearly gates. Even an oiled up criminal probably can't slide through the bars at heaven's gate. Be sure to, if all else fails, sing one of your songs that you wrote. They just might let you in, in order to get you to shut the hell up.

Yeah, adios John, you have possibly been the most evil doer in Washington. Yes, I know that Rummy is challenging you for that title but I doubt he can win. After all, you have the edge because you know you have god on your side. Quick John, take a look. Is god still with you? Are you sure? You look pretty alone to me. Any god that would walk beside you is not a god to me. What happens if we yank down that curtain and look at that statue's boobies John? Will your god strike us blind? Maybe he already has because you have never been seen for what you are, a maniac and a religious lunatic. So long John, it's been miserable to know you.

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