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Saturday, January 29

Bill Clinton

I was a big Clinton supporter, but I was disappointed by him. I didn't realize that man was an idiot. The president was on national TV apologizing for getting oral sex. Why didn't he just stick with his lie? You gotta stick with your lie. You have to believe that lie wholeheartedly. It has to come the truth for you. The most powerful man in the world is on TV apologizing for receiving oral sex. He's an idiot. There are men I know who will gladly accept oral sex on national TV.

Why are you apologizing? Oral sex is not a high crime. It's not grounds for impeachment. Oral sex is not a misdemeanor. It's not treason. He got oral sex from a White House intern, not from an Iraqi secret agent. It was pretty patriotic if you ask me. He kept it in house. I like that.

If the man would've stayed with his lie he could have saved us all a lot of embarrassment. It's embarrassing. All those countries are still laughing at us. You know other world leaders were just prank calling him all day. All day calling the White House, "Hello, Bill" Guess what I am doing right now? Come on, guess. Would you like to speak with her? Oh no, she can't talk right now. Hey, now who's country sucks?"

They pulled out that blue dress and scared him. That little dress with the DNA, and he lost it. He gave up the lie. But my thing is, who going to believe a woman who keeps a nasty dress? They oughta toss her right out of court.

"Excuse me, Your Honor, she kept the dress." "What? No way. Case dismissed.......and get your nasty ass out my courtroom! I should throw you in jail for being nasty, Miss Nasty Ass!"

"Bailiff, wipe all this off where she was sitting, too." They pulled that dress out and he lost it. A little DNA. Bill's not smart. They had DNA, blood, a glove, two dead bodies, a limo driver, a barking dog, and O.J. still said, "I'm one hundred percent not guilty."
Stick with the lie.

Who am I?

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