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Wednesday, January 26

Am I An Old Fart?

I was reading this article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch this morning about underwear and laws and stuff. Why, I have no idea. I really don't care how low kids wear their pants. That shouldn't be legislated at all but they want to in Virginia. I find it amusing that kids show off their boxers, thongs and ass cracks. We thought we did everything imaginable to piss off our elders back in the 60's and 70's. There is not much left for the younger generations to do to piss off and shock our generation. Show your undies for all I care. I've seen it all. I don't care.

Then it goes on to say that they want to ban how low a driver sits in a car and how far back the seat is tilted because it poses safety concerns. That appears to be a "hip" way of driving. I would definitely encourage cops to pull over drivers who obviously cannot see out of the window when they are driving. I guess they never made a law against driving while reclining because no one ever thought people would be so fucking dumb.

Then the article went on to talk about banning loud music eminating from vehicles and the placement of DVD players in cars. It's annoying to be next to one of these jerks at a traffic light. I suppose I should insist that I am entitled to enjoy the freedom to listen to what I want to hear in my car without it offending others sensibilities and not to have my listening pleasure infringed upon by those with larger than life stereo systems in their cars. But I am not going to make an issue of it because the annoyance is fleeting at worst and I drive a convertible and everyone gets to hear Air America in the summer when I drive although I don't blast the bass on Randi Rhodes.

They want to ban DVD players too. DVD players in cars? What will they think of next? Where were they when my son was small and we had to drive to Maine all the time? I don't think I like the idea of drivers watching videos when they are on the same road as I am. Put the damn things in the back seat.

You know with all this talk about "freedom" by our leader, people still don't get the concept. Freedom isn't license. It doesn't mean you can do whatever the hell you want without regard for others. Freedom doesn't mean you can infringe on other people's freedom which includes assuming that you can drive down the street sort of assured that the other drivers are upright for chrissake. Freedom doesn't mean that you are free to rupture other's eardrums against their will or watch videos when you are supposed to be driving a goddam Humvee which could decapitate me in my convertible when you aren't paying attention. Road safety is responsibility and it does not ask for personal interpretations of freedom. dammit. I'm getting old.

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