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Monday, January 31

Nine Billion MIA in Iraq

by pissed off patricia

In my Palm Beach Post and probably in your paper too, there are headlines and photos of Iraqis voting yesterday. That's great for someone to go and vote under some pretty dire conditions. I suppose the lock-downs, curfews, closed borders, closed streets, and hoards of our military plus Iraqi military and police helped the situation a little bit. We probably can't imagine what it would be like to fear for your life when you go to vote. I don't believe that I personally can. During our last election my only fear came true. I was fearful for our country if bush was re?-elected.

Also, on page 14A of today's PB Post there's another story about Iraq. Seems according to the Associated Press article, there are some US dollars missing. Seems about nine billion dollars are MIA. Remember when the Senate voted to hand huge sums of money to the Iraq war/rebuilding fund and some Democrats wanted spending of the money to require accountability? That idea was shot down like a rabid animal. No, no the Republicans said, we should not require anyone to account for the money Just hand it over and I'm sure it'll be taken care of and spent responsibly. Bremer doesn't need to account for any of it. But today, almost nine billion dollars of the money is gone with no paper trail. Humm, that's not good.

According to the Associated Press, Bremer is quoted as saying that the report about this missing billions had "many misconceptions and inaccuracies." Quoting from the article, "Bremer complained that the report "assumes that Western-style budgeting and accounting procedures could be immediately and fully implemented in the midst of a war." Also, quoting from the article again, "The inspector general said the occupying agency disbursed $8.8 billion to Iraqi ministries "without assurance the moneys were properly accounted for."

I know you hate quotes but please allow me just one more. Toward the end of the article it states, "When staff members of the U.S. occupation government recommended that payrolls be verified before salary payments, Coalition Provisional Authority financial officials said the authority "would rather overpay salaries than risk not paying employees and inciting violence," the inspector general said."

Oh god no, we must not incite violence in Iraq. Can you imagine the consequences of inciting violence in a country that has been invaded, bombed all to hell and had thousands of it's innocent citizens killed as they were marched off to freedom? Hell, throw the money at them as fast as you can, do anything to avoid violence.

In April when you are figuring your income tax report, if it works out that you owe the government money, just write them a little note and tell them that the money you need to pay your taxes is missing and unaccounted for. Remind them that we are in the midst of a war. Tell them that they shouldn't assume that "Western-style budgeting and accounting procedures could be immediately and fully implemented in the midst of a war." I'm sure they'll understand, and what the hell, you might even receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Polling Results:

I've come to the conclusion most people as they mature gain in attractiveness. But not so with some individuals. The photographs I have seen of George Bush in his youth display a person of reasonably handsome features. But I find myself absolutely repelled by the sight of his face whenever I come across it on TV or in the newspapers. Trying to be fair about it, I wonder to myself if I feel this way because of his simple-mindedness or his arrogance. So what I did was to take a local poll and ask a locally prominent Republican, Democrat, and the closest I could find to an Independent just exactly what they thought about Bush's looks.
Here are the results of my admittedly unscientific poll:

I. M. Kraftey (R): "Our president does not possess classically handsome features".

Phil Theefogger (D): "Oh, man! If I had a face like that, I'd powder my ass and walk backwards".

Joe Shidt the Ragman (I): "If I had face like George Bush, I'd hang it on a fence and throw shit at it".

I Demand A Recount

How the hell did I get this old? And who is that lady in the mirror? I am not looking in the mirror anymore as my image has been hijacked. But how will I know if that person in the mirror has drool on her chin? Such are the problems of adulthood. I think I may deem myself officially grown up today, at least in chronological terms. Tempus Fugit. Half a century just flies. The first 25 years went slowly for me. The next 25 years were a blur. I understand if I blink, I'll miss the next 25.

I was noticing at large family functions of late that I have been relegated to the "grown-ups table". It was through attrition that I achieved grown-up table priveleges. Memento Mori. Even when I was 45 and at a Christmas gathering, I'd ask where the grown-ups table was so that I could steer my parents there. I certainly didn't belong at that table. For a few years I was relegated to the mommy table but now our kids are sitting with their kids at the mommy table.

I'm still a crazy 20 something at heart after all these years. I am a little bit wiser, but not that much. I am still learning new stuff each and every day and re-learning old stuff that I forgot about. I was always a sieve brain. I watch documentaries now. oy.

Still a rebel though. Whew. Still an artist and still a performing singer- songwriter although I need to tape cheat sheets to my guitar or the mic stand so I don't forget what I was standing on the stage for. Takes me days to recuperate from a late night gig.

I wear tri-focals. I didn't even wear glasses 5 years ago. If the glasses fall off the bedside, I can't find them in the morning. I wear sneakers and clogs more than any other type of footwear. Comfort first. Fashion secondary.

Don't have to worry about getting preggers these days. I can finally have indiscriminate sex - oh wait- I don't want to anymore. I'm discriminate now. I have to know his name and where he lives. heh. And what is up with that mustache I grew in the last few years? Blondes don't have unwanted hair. It took me 6 months to realize what that sensation was when I licked outside my lips. It was HAIR!!!!! Called the dark Italians in the family for advice. They snickered. Added depilitatory products to the shopping list.

My new clothes dryer is arriving today. The old one went on fire the other night. Literally burst into flames. Burned my bell bottomed blue jeans to a crisp among other things. Luckily my son can still smell. I was oblivious to the smoke until I was choking and coughing and running outside.

I'm on my last pack of cigarettes today. It's funny that the case of cigarettes from New Hampshire ($20 cheaper per carton) from last year is empty as of today. That's it. Finito. I'm reclaiming my lungs and it's too damn cold to have to keep going outside for a cigarette. All that getting up and going out was getting on my nerves although I used to claim that it was good exercise.

I never met my birth parents. I signed up for every adoptee registry on the internet. Nothing. I didn't do a search while my parents were alive although they wondered why I didn't. I just thought it would be rude. A lot of my adopted friends got to meet and have relationships with their birth parents although many wish they didn't. I'm not so sure I want to know anything about my genetics at this stage of the game. I don't want to know what diseases run in the family. There's enough crap to worry about. I have one blood relative that I know. My son. That's cool.

My new motto: Eat right, exercise regularly, die anyway.


by pissed off patricia

The New SOTU QUIZ is Here!
Dana has her new contest up. It's fun! Go to her site and make your guesses about the contents of bush's state of the union speech this week. Hurry, the contest will close at eight o'clock Wednesday night. Dana is offering a pretty nifty choice of prizes for the winner. So go over and take the quiz. It might even make you be able to stomach what you'll hear from bush as he verbally pours the cool aid for fifty two percent of America.

The Iraqi Elections

It warmed my heart to see so many Iraqi's go to the polls and cast a vote despite how very difficult it must have been to defy the insurgents and possibly risk death. According to my readings this morning, it appears that many Iraqi's were under the impression that they were electing a new president and that once they voted, a democracy would happen and the Americans would go away. Not quite.

They didn't vote for a new president and the Americans aren't leaving. I admire their courage to go and vote despite all the threats and men with machine guns out in the streets. I hope that they didn't think that they would just go and vote and that Iraq would be rebuilt and they'd get their oil back. The U.S. is now saying that Iran is an imminent threat. I don't know what else to say.

Sunday, January 30

Question Of The Day:

George Bush has brought democracy (or so he says) to Iraq at the cost of 100,000 lives. If we assume that he intends to spread American-style democracy throughout the 190 countries of the world, can we then assume that only about 20 million people will have to die?

21st Century Values

blatantly swiped from Doomocracy
By Billydoom

Before my arrival in the USA, I resided in Rome, Italy for a few months. I befriended in Rome an old gentleman who had a family restaurant. We used to sit in his restaurant and debate political and social issues.

I could sum up in his own words his opinion about America :

"Americani, grande bambini".

I don't think I need to translate that. It speaks loudly what America is all about from a European view.

The more I see, I am more convinced how true it is. The lack of social and political maturity of the American people is mind boggling. More distressing is the deterioration of moral values. And I am not talking about gay marriage, or indecency on the air waves.

I am talking about lies and deceit which have become the norm of surviving in this society.

You see lies as an acceptable way of dealing with social issues and common interaction in society, in sit-coms, TV Commercials, in reality shows, in the news coverage, political debates, government policies. If you turn on your TV and flip through channels they all scream at you: "It is OK to lie".

In my view, this syndrome is more dangerous than gay marriage, or occasional nudity shown on our television screens, or the lack of attending the sunday mass.

Everything is the result of a horse race mentality, competition pushed to the limits, beyond rationality. Winning is more important than principle, moral value, justice in society and in the name of winning anything goes:
If you look at reality shows, they are peppered with lies, deceit, conniving, elbowing, stopping short of murder. In TV commercials, lying is a cute way out of an impossible situation. In news coverage, giving forum to liars is a common practice. In political debates it's called either flip-flopping, or blatant denial of truth. Government reasons of invading another country are embarrassing, proven to contrary outright lies. Manipulation of wording and facts is confusing a whole nation.

It is all about winning!! Mothers of prospective child beauty pageant contestants are conspiring to murder the competition, fathers of child sports events fist-fight over winning, disgruntled employees spill blood of their colleagues with high powered killing weapons to revenge misdeeds done by their employers.

Fairness and value is a thing of the past. In political debates, they used to call each other as "my distinguished opponent". Conceding defeat used to be gentlemanly, for the good of the country

Now it is about the "horse race". No matter how ugly or how handicapped my horse is, anything goes to WIN.

Football mentality has penetrated our everyday life. We want our team to win, and if the referee penalizes our team for a flagrant fault committed by one of our team players, 80,000 boo's will fill the stadium disapproving that decision despite the facts replayed over and over on the Big Screen on the stadium. Does that mean that 80,000 people lost their sense of justice, fairness or value? I don't think so. They're just blinded by the desire to win. Our team has to win, no matter what.
This syndrome has penetrated even the presidential election. People have turned a deaf ear to the truth, and voted for the TEAM. You could draw that conclusion from the pundits, arguing against the truth with the most undisturbed facial expressions.

It is scary. It signals anarchy, and breakdown of reason for social coexistence.

That is very sad for the future of this country. The political and social immaturity of the members of this society is alarming to me. People act in a manner that reminds me of my days in kindergarten. Immature, spoiled, self-righteous, beyond reason spoiled brats.

Are we too spoiled? Have we lost our dignity ? Are we teaching our children, that winning is more important than principle ?

Are we denying "Liberty and justice for all" ?

If we do, we're DOOMED my friends.

Saturday, January 29

If you came here looking for some good news

Keep reading down until you get to the article: "Cheap Thrills" by our own Pissed Off Patricia and join in the fun.

Today's cheap thrill on Long Island is that the cold snap is ending. We had temps in the single digits for the past 2 weeks. We are not used to this so it's all relative. Most of us middle classers have a decent winter coat and could attend an outdoor formal function without having to wear our ski parkas with dangling lift tickets.

For the next week, we can expect temps in the 30's. Normally that would be yukky, but we have something worse to compare that to, so bring on the damn 30's. I can finally go outside!

On the verge of democracy in Iraq

I never heard of democracy being easily won so none of this really surprises me, but then again, these people are having it shoved down their throats by an occupying force from a foreign land so the whole thing is rather surreal. You Vill Haff Zee Democrazy or Vee Vill Haff to Kill You. Many Iraqi's say they are used to being scared. This gives me no solace. I've taken up praying again. Millions of Muslims just returned from Mecca. I wonder what they were praying for. I hope we are all praying for the same thing. Peace.

Can George Bush's big guns cancel out all the prayers/collective willing? If so, then which force is really on his side?

Dahr Jamail sums the rise of democracy up in High Anxiety
"Let's play a game and see how many photos we can take before we get pulled over or shot at again."

In Armored Vehicles, U.S. Troops Tell Iraqis to Vote from Reuters:
"Heavily-armed troops jump out and begin searching homes as loudspeakers blast in Arabic: "On Sunday you should go out to vote. Vote to give freedom to Iraq. Vote to save Iraq."

"There are no campaign posters in this city of 200,000 people, and several election officials have resigned after receiving death threats."

Iraqis Get Ready for the Worst
"...Even after the balloting is over, medical professionals predict, the national lockdown could have a lasting health effect on Iraq: an election-related baby boom in about nine months.

With citizens banned from the roads, shut in by the curfew and with spotty electricity making it difficult to watch TV or read, Iraqis may search for other methods to occupy their time. "


by Missouri Mule

Bush announced an initiative to spend twelve billion dollars to create permanent moonbase by 2020. That's the first smart thing that he has proposed. He knows by the time he get through, we will be so fucked on this planet that we're gong to be needing another home real soon. We're going to have to sneak off and move in the middle of the night. Between the pollution, lowered emission standards, drilling, and pissing off every other country on the planet, Bush knows it's time for us to start packing up. Or should I say them, not us.

NASA, the JPL, it's the welfare for nerds, It is like a billion dollar welfare program for really smart dorks. Where else are they going to work? They're too smart to do anything else. They can't fit in with us. They know a bunch of stuff that regular folks could give two shits about. They would annoy us to the point of hurting them. "Hey, did you know that the atmosphere on ......" Pow! "Shut it up, dummy on the moon."

What have we learned from our space travels? Seriously? What have we learned or discovered that affects our daily lives? Nothing. We're spending billions of dollars in outer space for what? Why don't we spend just half of that to find out who shot Tupac?

I don't give a damn about space travel. I don't even have a passport, so you know I don't give a fuck about the weather on Mars. Shit, I'm not leaving the country, get caught up in a coup. Whenever they do discover something, the vast majority of us have no idea what it means. "Scientists discovered today that stars can be consumed by a black hole." WHAT??? Sounds like a report about Lil'Kim to me. "NASA discovered that an area of Mars was once drenched in water." And? Even the mews anchor who reports the story don't know what the hell they're talking about. When it comes to that shit, they are just reading the TelePrompTer. Even Peter Jennings has that blank stare when it come to that space shit.

Approximately twenty percent of Americans currently own a passport, so why are we dicking around in space? Ain't no happy Mars movies. Star Trek went there and shit went bad. I do believe that there is life on other planets. I also believe that we are the dumbest creatures in the universe. The Fox network is proof positive. I bet they don't dare have shows like The Littlest Groom or The Swan on Neptune.

I bet our Opportunity Rover is on the Martian news. "Those simple earthlings are at it again." To them........our rover is probably like the mosquitoes and the West Nile virus to us. "We're going to have to spray again."

Bill Clinton

I was a big Clinton supporter, but I was disappointed by him. I didn't realize that man was an idiot. The president was on national TV apologizing for getting oral sex. Why didn't he just stick with his lie? You gotta stick with your lie. You have to believe that lie wholeheartedly. It has to come the truth for you. The most powerful man in the world is on TV apologizing for receiving oral sex. He's an idiot. There are men I know who will gladly accept oral sex on national TV.

Why are you apologizing? Oral sex is not a high crime. It's not grounds for impeachment. Oral sex is not a misdemeanor. It's not treason. He got oral sex from a White House intern, not from an Iraqi secret agent. It was pretty patriotic if you ask me. He kept it in house. I like that.

If the man would've stayed with his lie he could have saved us all a lot of embarrassment. It's embarrassing. All those countries are still laughing at us. You know other world leaders were just prank calling him all day. All day calling the White House, "Hello, Bill" Guess what I am doing right now? Come on, guess. Would you like to speak with her? Oh no, she can't talk right now. Hey, now who's country sucks?"

They pulled out that blue dress and scared him. That little dress with the DNA, and he lost it. He gave up the lie. But my thing is, who going to believe a woman who keeps a nasty dress? They oughta toss her right out of court.

"Excuse me, Your Honor, she kept the dress." "What? No way. Case dismissed.......and get your nasty ass out my courtroom! I should throw you in jail for being nasty, Miss Nasty Ass!"

"Bailiff, wipe all this off where she was sitting, too." They pulled that dress out and he lost it. A little DNA. Bill's not smart. They had DNA, blood, a glove, two dead bodies, a limo driver, a barking dog, and O.J. still said, "I'm one hundred percent not guilty."
Stick with the lie.

Who am I?


By Missouri Mule

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we get rid of one president for lying about a government-sanctioned hotel break-in? And didn't we oust another because lied about the oral endearments of a young intern? Last time I check, lying to us to justify a war trumps breaking into a hotel room and a blow job. Note the key word: lie.

They only thing Bush 11 has done is get caught in lie after lie after lie. Lies about the deficit, tax cuts, Social Security, the Iraq war. But we let him just keep on keeping on. What's wrong with us?

Would we put up with that kind of treatment from anybody else in any other situations? Hell no! Are we nuts? Why aren't we having a fit? Bush said that Saddam was an "imminent threat to our security." He said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. He lied. We didn't find shit. Then he tried to twist it by telling us they found some equipment that could possibly be used to make WMD's. What kind of bullshit is that? I took a physics class when I was in high school, that don't mean that I'm at home whipping up bombs.

Why aren't we in the streets screaming for him to be impeached? Are we under some fear spell? He lied. I've seen people more upset when Whitney is a no-show. Let Streisand cancel a performance. It's chaos. "Babs said she'd be here tonight." She lied. "That cockeyed bitch lied!"

See, to me, America is like my car. I love my car. And my car is supposed to take me wherever I want to go as long as I keep the "governing" fluids changed and get regular tune-ups. That's what elections are; a nationwide tune-up----every four years. SO that makes the president sort of like........our mechanic.

And all we want from him is to just keep our shit running good. That's all. If he can do that without costing me an arm and a leg, cool. But, what if my mechanic was not with my car. A real-live Mr. Badwrench. Actually, more like a Mr. Fucked-up Wrench. Never fixed the car, just kept washing it. That's all, just washing it over and over and over again. My car's falling apart, but "it looks clean."

Wouldn't I get a new mechanic? Or at least give another mechanic a shot? Wouldn't I report him to wherever bad mechanics get reported. Damn right. Look, in November, since we couldn't just up and buy a new car, can we at least get someone to get this bitch up and running?

Quote for the Week:

Symbolically, it's interesting that regions of the US are rejecting Darwin and evolution. I can see why. We have a substantial minority in the US that hasn't advanced much beyond the baboon. -- Gore Vidal

Mr. Vidal has more to say.


I wish I could be for the death penalty. I wish we had equality in this country so I could feel good about putting people in the chair. The problem is that the majority of people who get the chair are minorities, poor, and they committed a crime in Texas. Texas don't give a fuck. They execute somebody damn near every week. That chair stays hot. That chair is the hottest seat in town. It's like a U2 ticket. When the Super Bowl was in Houston, I was surprised they didn't fry somebody during the half-time show.

I'm against capital punishment because there is too many factors when it comes to who gets the death penalty. Race, wealth, lawyers withholding evidence, cops lying, witnesses being paid, and of course Johnnie Cochran.

After that O.J. trial I started a Johnnie Fund. I'm saving up, just in case I kill somebody. Whenever somebody gets on my nerves, I go check my Johnnie Fund; "Not lucky my show got canceled. You'd be dead right now."

Too many factors involved. It's not only who does the killing, but who didn't you kill is a big part of getting the chair. Black man kills a black man, he gets the chair. Black man kills black woman, he may get life because judges are sympathetic. They know how a black woman can drive you to murder with all our"attitude and sassiness." Thanks to quality shows like Ricky Lake and Jerry Springer, people probably believe black women talk shit while they are being murdered. "Oh, I know you didn't stab me in my chest. You gon' pay me for this blouse, you stabbing muthafucka. And that's why you got a little dick. Go ahead, shoot me! You can't fuck no way." Black man kills a white woman, he gets the chair. Black man kills a white man, he gets the chair and then the gas chamber.

There is no equality. White man kills a white man,it all depends. White man kills a white woman, it all depends. White man kills a black man, he'll get a speeding ticket.

There should be a big crime board, like a menu. Everything is prix fixe. You killed somebody, you get life. Robbery, every ten grand you stole, gets you a year. It goes way up for armed robbery. Everybody gets the same punishment across the board. "Oh, you assaulted her, too? You get the combo time."

And it's been proven that the death penalty is not a deterrent. If you're a murderer, you're not thinking about how much time you're gonna get.
Those people waiting for their execution date aren't feeling any remorse. They're not thinking about all those people they killed and molested, they 're just regretting that time in their life when they thought it was a good idea to move to Florida. They're thinking of all those crimes they didn't commit. People they should've killed along the way.

Murderer 1: Man,.....I knew I should have killed that motherfucker at McDonald's who always put cheese on my Big I'm gonna die a fat man.

Murderer 2: I should've stole that algebra test in tenth grade .....Now I'm gonna die without a high school education............damn, .......what type of job am I supposed to get without a high school education?

Murderer 3: Why did I stop smoking?

Jim Crow returns to the voting booth

WHAT WERE THOSE PEOPLE THINKING? I'm talking about the REST of the Dems. I mean, DAMN!
Jim Crow returns to the voting booth
Does America have apartheid vote-counting system?
Jesse Jackon and Greg Palast Seattle Post-Intelligencer 01.26.05

"This election saw an explosion in a new category of uncounted ballots: rejected provisional ballots. In Ohio alone, more than 35,000 of these votes were never tallied. Once again, the provisional ballots were cast overwhelmingly in African American precincts.

Why so many? In November, for the first time since the era of the Night Riders, one major political party launched a program of mass challenges of voters on Election Day. Paid Republican operatives, working from lists prepared by the party, fingered tens of thousands of voters in Ohio, Florida and elsewhere, questioning their right to a ballot.

One of these secret "caging lists" was obtained by BBC Television from inside Republican campaign headquarters in Florida. Every one of the voters on those sheets resided in African American neighborhoods, excepting a few in precincts of elderly Jewish voters.

These lists helped Republican poll workers challenge voters on the basis of an alleged change of address. An analysis of one roster showed that several of those facing challenge were African American soldiers whose address changed because they were shipped overseas.

Challenged voters were shunted to "provisional ballots," which, in Ohio and elsewhere, were not counted on the flimsiest of technicalities.

Who won the presidential race? Given the millions of ballots spoiled and provisional ballots rejected, the unfolding mystery of the exit polls and widespread use of electronic voting machines, we will never know whether John Kerry or George W. Bush received the most votes in Ohio and other swing states.

But we can name the election's big winner: Jim Crow.
Read the whole thing

‘Why were there stickers on ballots in Clermont County, Ohio?’
Sorry, folks, if this is a repeat--spread the word as widely as you can!
This story hasn't died down, despite the fact that mainstream media refuses to report it.
More evidence is found of election fraud in Ohio.


When President Reagan was in office, he said that marijuana was the most dangerous drug and threat to America. It causes memory loss...........naw, too easy. Why was it the most dangerous threat? Because America wasn't making any money off it. Once you've had some Colombian, domestic just doesn't cut it anymore.

Like my man Jimmy Carter, I'm for decriminalizing marijuana. As long as tobacco is legal, marijuana should be legal, too. I'd rather be in a room full of week smoke than cigarette smoke. With weed smoke I'm looking for a bag of chips, not for a lump in my breast.

At least weed has medicinal uses. It clears up glaucoma, helps AIDS and cancer patients get an appetite, and it gives relief to chronic pain sufferers. No doctor has ever told a patient, "Smoke a half a pack of Newport's, that should clear it up."

Pain, who's to say who can cope with pain? We all have different thresholds. If I get a headache, why can't I smoke a joint? Advil upsets my stomach. I'm a chronic sinus sufferer. I get a sinus infection as often as Bobby Brown goes to jail. Why can't I tell my ENT, "Doc, that antibiotic you gave me is not doing the job. I think I need a dime bag of hydro. The poor air quality doesn't bother me when I'm high.

I get so angry when on the news they show DEA agents out in the field with flame shooters, destroying a perfectly good crop of marijuana. I'm like, "What the hell? They are setting it on fire. We were going to get rid of all of it, but basically we're on the same team man. What's the difference? Just because you have on a jacket with some letters on the back of it makes it okay for you to light it up? What if I wore my old high school letterman jacket while I smoke? Is that okay?"

It's ridiculous watching them destroy something that naturally grows out of the ground. Why? Just because our government say it's illegal. The govern-ment says it's illegal. The government says they're looking out for our safety. They are trying to protect the public. Well, I hate lilies. The big ones, they stink and make me sneeze. I want to see some DEA agents out there setting a greenhouse of lilies on fire. If anybody's caught buying or selling them, throw their lily-loving ass in jail. These people are useless. All they want to do is sit around and smell their lilies all day. Lock'em up.

I'm sick of the government lying to us about how they are trying to protect the public. That's bullshit. The government is trying to protect their pockets. The government doesn't give a damn about our health. They say they don't know enough about marijuana and the mental effects. So? They know everything about alcohol. People die every day from alcohol. Alcohol and the effects of alcohol will kill you. And not only is it legal, you go out to a club and there's a two-drink minimum. How can our government, which claims it wants to protect us, allow establishments to make us drink? What a bunch of hypocrisy. If you need a liver transplant, don't come see me at the comedy club, because they're gonna make you drink.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that alcohol should be illegal. Lord knows, I wouldn't want to live in a world where ya can't get a good margarita. I'm just saying that we should be able to enjoy a fat joint along with it. Stop "protecting" us, and dictating what drug we use to destroy ourselves. However, there should be zero tolerance for those freakin' lily-heads.

Actually, I don't smoke weed.........that often., because I have things to do. Like most weed smokers, I don't get much done when I'm high. I giggle and point, that's about the most that I can handle. I have to schedule my weed. "Let's see. Tuesday is wide open. I don't have any meetings. Let's pencil this in, Weed Day. Tuesday is now Weedsday.

Alcohol and the occasional weed is it for me. I haven't tried and don't plan on trying any other drugs. I'm too scared......or for the kids, I'll say too smart. I can be a loud asshole when I'm drunk, so I know me coked up? Somebody 's gonna shoot me. Plus, I don't like the whole drug culture. I see somebody snortin' coke, I leave the room. It amazes me how they keep talking like they didn't do anything. That's scary. I need a noise or something. When you do a shot, you groan or do a "whoo-hoo, yeah!" When you take a hit off a joint you cough or say, "Yeah, that's good shit." But I've seen people snort coke and never miss a beat of conversation. I'm like, "Damn, acknowledge that you just had a rolled-up ten-dollar bill up your nose or something." Cocaine is all denial. Shit, even when you take a vitamin you say something like, "I feel a cold coming, trying to kick it with some vitamin C."

When you get past weed, that whole drug culture is a shady. It becomes very dark. Your life is in danger. At least if you drink too much and get alcohol poisoning, somebody is gonna try to help you. They might kill you in a car crash the way to the hospital, but hey tried to help you. If you have a bad weed experience, somebody is gonna try to help you. You might die while they are trying to call 911. "Man, we gotta call nine-one-one. What's the number?" But somebody is gonna try to help you. You OD around some real drug addict, that your ass. Drug people get the fuck out and take your wallet with them. Nobody is trying to go to jail for your dead ass. You might as well get in the position of how you want you chalk outline portrait to be.

Man, as soon as I finish writing this, I'm getting fucked up!

Who am I?

Friday, January 28

What? No kissy kissy?

Uber-couple at Rice's inauguration. Just sending a knowing look at each other.

Stop Them, Again

by pissed off patricia

Here's an invitation I hope you can't turn down.
Just go to this site and sign the petition and send the following letter to bush. I signed it and added my own comments.

Dear President Bush:

I urge you to use your State of the Union address as an opportunity to tell your Republican friends in Congress to stop trying to write discrimination in the U.S. Constitution.

The amendment you and your fellow Republicans are again advocating for will forever invalidate civil unions and other legal protections for gay and lesbian families, like the right to partner health benefits, hospital visits, parental rights and death benefits- even if state legislatures or voters approve measures to protect them.

During the State of The Union, tell your colleagues to withdraw their support for this measure. This measure threatens the freedom of all Americans because it denies civil rights to a whole group of individuals.

The Human Race is Doomed; First, Mad Chimp; Then, Mad Cow; Now This:

World first mad goat believed diagnosed
PARIS -- With memories of a mad cow panic still fresh in Europe, officials in Brussels and Paris announced Friday the apparent discovery of the world's first "mad goat" from the Ardeche region in France.

That's the headline and lead sentence. Here's the rest.

Baby It's Cold Outside

Gosh everyone is talking about this photo of the Dickster when leaders from 30 countries gathered to remember the victims of the Holocaust on the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazis' Auschwitz death camp. Apparently Dick doesn't have appropriate sub freezing formal wear.

I particularly like the way the white fur on his parka stands out against the somber black of the other dignitaries. Anyway, my only suggestion to the man would be to remove the big white tag from his parka when he is representing America. I am surprised Lynn didn't see to that. I bet they had a big fight before the ceremony. She said, "Dick, you're NOT wearing that!" He said, "Go fuck yourself." She said, "Fine. Be the laughing stock of the liberal media."

The Washington Post fashion editor said he wore "the kind of attire one typically wears to operate a snow blower." The gals on Air America this morning said he looks like a groundskeeper. They were making fun of his hat, as it was embroidered with the words "Staff 2001". He probably borrowed it.

Anyway, I'm more amused at the bruhaha than at anything else.

That's my dick!

Bitchin': And then there were three!

by pissed off patricia

And then there were three! When will the next one pop up?

"Michael McManus, whose syndicated column, "Ethics & Religion," appears in 50 newspapers, was hired as a subcontractor by the Department of Health and Human Services to promote an administration marriage initiative, according to an article posted yesterday by, the online magazine.

Senior writer Eric Boehlert wrote that Salon had confirmed that McManus “championed the plan in his columns without disclosing to readers he was being paid to help it succeed.”
There's more of the article here

Wanna Do Something?

James Dobson, the person who said that all this tolerance training for kids is evil now says that he didn't say that Sponge Bob was gay but that the people behind the video were subverting the children of America by trying to make them, eeeek, tolerant. Now he wants you to write to a bunch of journalists who reported on his bigotry and yell at them.

I just wrote to the journalists (It's easy, he has a link all set up) and asked them to please stay on top of Dobson and commended them for reporting what an intolerant jerk he is. They got his point all right.

Go here and take action

Cheap Thrills

This was originally posted on January 27 (yesterday). Since it was such a popular thread, I, Blondesense have moved it to the top today's headlines as well. -Mgmt

by pissed off patricia

Just for the hell of it let's talk about something light and easy. Let's talk about cheap thrills. You know, those little things that happen in life that make you smile. Sometimes it's a sheepish little smile and sometimes that smile crawls all over your face and creeps right into your heart.

Cheap thrills like finding something you thought was lost forever. Cheap thrills like discovering a bloom on a rose bush you believed to be on the edge of death. There are tons of cheap thrills. I'll tell you some of mine if you'll tell me some of yours. Deal?

Okay, for me a cheap thrill is discovering a bird at my bird feeder that I've never seen before. I get all excited and grab the Peterson's, "Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern and Central North America", to get an identification on this new visitor. (I can nerd out and dork out with the best of them) I have kept a diary of every type of bird that I've spotted at the feeder for a whole bunch of years, so a new bird is definitely a big and wonderful cheap thrill for me.

Another cheap thrill for me is seeing a rainbow. I love it when a rainbow arches over my house. It always makes me feel that something very special is about to happen.

Not all cheap thrills are nature related, some are simple like putting money into a candy machine and getting two bars instead of one. What should you do then? You can't shove the candy back up into the machine, so you can share it with someone, or better yet, pig out on it all by yourself.

So your cheap thrills are what?

Thursday, January 27

The Beatitudes from The Gospel According to Dubya:

"Blessed are the children whom the sea swallows, for they shall tug at our heartstrings. / Cursed are the children whom our bombs blow up, for they shall roam the dark alleys of our indifference."

Read the entire article here

More Reading...

Our commenters leave links to articles pretty often.
Here is one to read and then wonder how the hell this moron and his minions haven't been impeached. What I Heard about Iraq

This story is disturbing: Sex used to break Muslim prisoners, book says. It's so not nice to know that women working for the goverment are pigs too. And more interesting is that this administration which advocates abstinence only when it comes to sex has no scruples when it comes to Guantanamo prisoners and the female contractors hired to 'break' them. jeez.

A Vote for National Security in WaPo says: 76 percent of Democrats but just 32 percent of Republicans agree that "good diplomacy is the best way to ensure peace." Bush voters were far more likely to believe that "military force is the best way to defeat terrorism."

Social Security, Poverty and Women

Today OWL released a statement urging Representative Bill Thomas to rethink his comment made earlier in the week suggesting that Social Security benefits should differ for women and men because women live longer.

We need to send Rep. Thomas, who happens to be Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee (the committee any Social Security legislation must pass through to get to the House floor), the message that adjusting women's Social Security benefits based on gender will
cause the number of older women in poverty to increase dramatically.

Please pass this message on to your friends and family. We need to let Rep. Thomas know that older women need a lifelong, inflation adjusted, progressive Social Security benefit- not penalties because we live longer!

To contact Representative Bill Thomas:
Give him a call and tell him what you think-202-225-2915
OR send him a fax-202-225-8798
OR send him an email

The Gig Is Up

The Invented Ruler Announces Journalist Hiring Freeze

With this administration under fire for questionable publicity practices, The Ruler explicitly forbade his cabinet on Wednesday to pay commentators to promote his policies. "We will not be paying commentators to advance our agenda."

Then the Ruler said, "Our agenda ought to be able to stand on it's own two feet."

Does this mean Armstrong Williams and Maggie Gallagher will be grandfathered in?

Worth Reading

The daily email from the Smirking Chimp turned me on to this piece.
It's worth every second it takes to read it.

Margaret Carlson:
'Boxer's spine gets her cut off at the knees'


by pissed off patricia

President's News (not really) Conference Yesterday

Bush was on TV yesterday morning. If you made it through the gag reflex you heard his bullshit. The press got a little more engaged than usual so he evaded and lied a little more than usual.

When he was asked about the chopper crash in Iraq he said, "Anytime we lose life it's a sad moment."

Snuggle up little baby and stop your cryin'. Daddy/Mommy won't be coming home. He/She was killed yesterday morning in Iraq. Does it make you feel better sweetheart to know that Daddy's/Mommy's death caused the president to have a "sad moment"? You'll hurt all your life and the president was sad for a "moment". Snuggle up little baby and stop your cryin'.

Bush repeated his mantra that a free country is a peaceful country. Isn't the US a free country? Didn't the US invade another country and doesn't it fight a war until this day? Is that what peaceful is all about? Nice example!

Bush is apparently going to fly around the country at our expense as he tries to sell his Social Security reform package. More accurately he will be doing little pricey infomercials for his own agenda. He says he doesn't want to pass the Social Security financial problem on to future generations. Funny, he doesn't seem to mind passing on the national debt to future generations.

Bush also said he sends his condolences and prayers to those who have lost loved ones in this freakin' war. He failed to mention he will also send out a check to them for a lousy $12,000. Does he also include a thank you note with that check? Does he mention that the half of that $12,000.00 is taxable? It is.

Bush encouraged the Senate to confirm Rice and Gonzales. Crooks love one another's company. He got a little hot under the collar when he spoke about the questions regarding Rice's integrity. He doth protest too much. This was one of the many times you truly wanted to slap the hell out of him and perhaps knock the denial out of him too.

Bush waxed fondly when he spoke of the upcoming Iraqi elections. It was the same old, same old. It may be an election for the Iraqis, but I think it's an erection for bush. I think he may actually think that he will go down in history as the Second Savior. I'm doubting that.

Bush's show lasted about 40 some minutes. Is that more or less than 30 some sad "moments"?

You Know Those War Re-enactment Groups...

I can't get into this historical re-enactment thang, but to each his own I suppose. I thought that they re-enacted old fashioned wars, but I was wrong. Did you know that they re-enact the attack on Pearl Harbor? Can you imagine? What an ordeal this must be. Do people sign up to run for cover?

What will they re-enact next?

Rice Was Confirmed Afterall

And get this - by a vote of 85-13. What a bunch of weenies we have in the Senate. Oh they'll say it's just politics. Yeah yeah.

According to this Reuters news story, Rice's confirmation reflected more opposition than any secretary of state in recent history. I suppose that is some sort of comfort. Not. Colin Powell was confirmed unanimously when it was his turn.

Bush, after the vote, said Rice will be "a great secretary of state ... I'm honored to be working with her. And I look forward to spreading freedom and peace." kissy kissy smoochy smoochy touchy feelie tongue tongue lips spread that peace baby oh yeah i like that

You can see who voted yes or no right here. I'm disgusted with my NY Senators at the moment. Spineless. They obviously ignored my letters. Let them smooch with Bush too.

Walking Wounded

From a good article in American Conservative:
The war in Iraq is fought by volunteers, which means people that no one in power cares about. No one in the mysteriously named “elite” gives a damn about some kid from a town in Tennessee that has one gas station and a beer hall with a stuffed buck’s head. Such a kid is a redneck at best, pretty much from another planet, and certainly not someone you would let your daughter date. If conscription came back, and college students with rich parents learned to live in fear of The Envelope, riots would blossom as before. Now Yale can rest easy. Thank God for throwaway people.

The nearly perfect separation between the military and the rest of the country, or at least the influential in the country, is wonderful for the war effort. It prevents concern. How many people with a college degree even know a soldier? Yes, some, and I will get e-mail from them, but they are a minority. How many Americans have been on a military base? Or, to be truly absurd, how many men in combat arms went to, say, Harvard? Ah, but they have other priorities.

n 15 years in Washington, I knew many, many reporters and intellectuals and educated people. Almost none had worn boots. So it is. Those who count do not have to go, and do not know anyone who has gone, and don’t interest themselves. There is a price for this, though not one Washington cares about. Across America, in places where you might not expect it—in Legion halls and VFW posts, among those who carry membership cards from the Disabled American Veterans—there are men who hate. They don’t hate America. They hate those who sent them. Talk to the wounded from Iraq in five years.
Ah and could this be why war bloggers don't even mention the deaths in Iraq?

THIS DAY IN HISTORY --- January 27th

Thomas Edison was granted a patent for his incandescent light.

The Russians liberated the Auschwitz Concentration camp, where Nazis had killed over 1.5 million people, including over 1 million Jews.

The U.S. Air Force started atomic testing in the Nevada desert.

The Apollo 1 fire killed astronauts Grissom, White, and Chaffee during a simulated launch at Cape Canaveral.

Vietnam War peace accords were signed in Paris.

Democracy Shemocracy

Here's something they wouldn't dare report on Fox News (from Information Clearinghouse)

Excerpt from Vote or no vote, we will kill you
Of 1 million eligible expatriate voters, only 10% will actually vote. There are no Sunni Arab candidates (in part because the US military killed - or jailed - many Sunni party and tribal leaders). For any Iraqi in Jordan, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia or Turkey, it will be impossible to cross the border and vote: borders will be closed for three days. Inside Iraq there will be curfews - and even traffic will be blocked. Half of all candidates have already withdrawn. And there will be no international monitors. As the names of the roughly 7,700 candidates on 80 party coalition lists are still unknown on the eve of polling day, no wonder the word on Baghdad's streets is that "the Americans gave us the first secret elections in history".
The election result is a foregone conclusion: a parliament dominated by Shi'ites, with a few Kurds and no Sunni Arabs. "If you vote we will kill you," says the Sunni resistance to the Iraqi population. "If you don't vote, we will kill you later," says the Pentagon to the Sunni resistance. Under these circumstances the elections cannot possibly be credible, and cannot possibly result in a legitimate government. Only one thing is certain: the guerrilla war afterward will be even bloodier - with ominous civil-war overtones.
And we complained about our elections. sheesh.

"We have declared a fierce war on this evil principle of democracy." -Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
Gee whiz.

Wednesday, January 26

Save The Forests

Below is an email I received today from Natural Resources Defense Council. Please read it and if you are so moved, follow the link and take action. I did. This is our future we're talking about.
You can also sign up for their emails if you care to.
Thank you so much!
pissed off patricia

Dear NRDC BioGems Defender,

I need your help to persuade California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to be a savior, not a terminator, of California's and America's last wild forests.

The governor campaigned on protecting forests but has acquiesced as the Bush administration prepares to strip 58 million acres (4.4 million in California alone) of pristine, unroaded forests of their protection against roadbuilding, logging and drilling.

Governor Schwarzenegger says he wants to capture "the center" of American politics by being a champion of the environment. And he has indeed shown leadership on popular state laws that will combat global warming and protect marine life.

But apparently he hasn't registered how much Americans care for their national forests.

The governor's inaction has made it easier for President Bush to advance his appalling plan for terminating our last wild forests and throwing them open to greed-driven timber and energy corporations.

It's time that Governor Schwarzenegger heard from hundreds of thousands of people in all 50 states who want to save our last wild forests. Please go to right now and send a message telling the governor to speak for the bipartisan majority by publicly opposing President Bush's plan.

If influential officials like the governor let him, the president will eliminate the hugely popular Roadless Area Conservation Rule that protects unspoiled national forest lands from coast to coast.

From California's Sierra Nevada to the Appalachian Trail, from Alaska's Tongass to the Rocky Mountains, this historic measure protects some of America's greatest sanctuaries for wildlife and people so that their timeless beauty will remain untouched forever.

The Bush administration is trying to open the floodgates to massive timber and energy sales that would send an armada of bulldozers, chainsaws and gas rigs into these last untrammeled forests.

Please go here right now and tell Governor Schwarzenegger to stand up for California's and all of America's national forests.


John H. Adams
Natural Resources Defense Council

Wait A Cotton Pickin' Minute

sounds funny coming from a New Yorker, eh?

Get this: Indonesian Tsunami Probably Tripped by Exxon-Mobil Works

Fucking Exxon.
"Scientists have known for some time that earthquakes in the order of 4.0 on the Richtor scale have been caused by oil drilling and other earth intrusive practices."


Shamelessly Stolen by Missouri Mule


You gaze idly at the carnage around you, sigh, and go calmly back to your coffee and your People magazine. You can't stop buying useless crap, though you're drowning in a deepening pool of debt.

. You think you're an activist because you bitch all day on the internet, but you reelect the same gangsters at a 99% rate.

You consider yourself informed because you waste a significant portion of your life watching the same three news stories cycle over and over again on your gargantuan, aerodynamic television sets while you eat processed food.

You really thought everything would be okay if Kerry won. Not only do you believe in an invisible man that farted out the universe, you also excoriate and marginalize those who disagree.

You have a poorer understanding of your country's foreign policy history than a third world peasant, but you can't wait to see what Julia Roberts will be wearing at the Oscars. You cheer as Ukrainians challenge an election based on exit polls data, but keep waiting around for someone else to fix you problems. You can't think, you can't organize and you won't act. This is all your fault.

Blinded by Allegiance

Submitted by Liberal and Proud (a frequent reader)

Read Bush's Second Inaugural: A Party Without Virtue

We see no caskets. We've seen the mother of a dead soldier shouted down at a Republican rally by "supporters" behaving with the same closed minded psychosis displayed throughout history by other people blinded by allegiance to a single man. We hear no apologies from this Administration for what it has wrought. We see no REAL compassion or even empathy by the leaders who wrought this disaster toward the families...the MOTHERS...the WIVES...the CHILDREN who have lost love ones for reasons unclear and unexplained...and frankly unacceptable. -Liberal and Proud

Am I An Old Fart?

I was reading this article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch this morning about underwear and laws and stuff. Why, I have no idea. I really don't care how low kids wear their pants. That shouldn't be legislated at all but they want to in Virginia. I find it amusing that kids show off their boxers, thongs and ass cracks. We thought we did everything imaginable to piss off our elders back in the 60's and 70's. There is not much left for the younger generations to do to piss off and shock our generation. Show your undies for all I care. I've seen it all. I don't care.

Then it goes on to say that they want to ban how low a driver sits in a car and how far back the seat is tilted because it poses safety concerns. That appears to be a "hip" way of driving. I would definitely encourage cops to pull over drivers who obviously cannot see out of the window when they are driving. I guess they never made a law against driving while reclining because no one ever thought people would be so fucking dumb.

Then the article went on to talk about banning loud music eminating from vehicles and the placement of DVD players in cars. It's annoying to be next to one of these jerks at a traffic light. I suppose I should insist that I am entitled to enjoy the freedom to listen to what I want to hear in my car without it offending others sensibilities and not to have my listening pleasure infringed upon by those with larger than life stereo systems in their cars. But I am not going to make an issue of it because the annoyance is fleeting at worst and I drive a convertible and everyone gets to hear Air America in the summer when I drive although I don't blast the bass on Randi Rhodes.

They want to ban DVD players too. DVD players in cars? What will they think of next? Where were they when my son was small and we had to drive to Maine all the time? I don't think I like the idea of drivers watching videos when they are on the same road as I am. Put the damn things in the back seat.

You know with all this talk about "freedom" by our leader, people still don't get the concept. Freedom isn't license. It doesn't mean you can do whatever the hell you want without regard for others. Freedom doesn't mean you can infringe on other people's freedom which includes assuming that you can drive down the street sort of assured that the other drivers are upright for chrissake. Freedom doesn't mean that you are free to rupture other's eardrums against their will or watch videos when you are supposed to be driving a goddam Humvee which could decapitate me in my convertible when you aren't paying attention. Road safety is responsibility and it does not ask for personal interpretations of freedom. dammit. I'm getting old.

Contact the Christian Coalition

You can write to them here. I told them that I cannot contact my elected officials to to anything but vote against Gonzalez because he condoned torture which is not a Christian value at all. Just because he is a "successful" Hispanic person doesn't make him virtuous . Being a "successful" anything doesn't make anyone virtuous. I also suggested that they reconsider their position as it casts a disparaging light on Christians as the true followers of Christ.

America's Love Affair With Ho-Hum

Over the Christmas Holidays, there was a most annoying commercial on television. It was for this Jessica Simpson person singing holiday songs. I later found out after asking around that she is a bimbo from a reality show. (I didn't know what the hell her reason for being on tv was) It was most obvious that she was no singer. It was pure awful but she had all kinds of money backing her because that commercial was on a lot. You could tell that they must have punched in each line of those songs one by one and had to use the pitch knob to get the notes right. I also found out that her sister Ashlee is that other character who was booed off the SNL stage last year because her lip synch fucked up. Apparently she cannot sing either unless digitally controlled by an engineer. I saw that episode but I had no idea who she was either and was not impressed.

I could go into one of my Clearchannel rants here but I usually save those for my music yahoo groups for independent artists/musicians. But suffice it to say, Clearchannel is the reason for the crap that passes for talent these days. Corporations like that clearly benefited by the deregulation of the media. It also deregulated the talent.

When I was reading one of my local yahoo groups this morning for independent musicians, I came across this reminder that even talented people are so fucked in this country. A friend of mine (and she is tremendously talented and beautiful and her band puts on a show that would blow your socks off) wrote this:
I'm dredging it up again! At the airport, I noticed Ashlee Simpson on the cover of several huge women's magazines. I just got back from Italy. My mother in law passed away. It's very sad and my husband is devastated. But I'm not posting seeking condolences - thanks to those who have sent emails. I'm posting because in terms of music, this experience was life changing for me. I've decided Ashlee Simpson DOES "deserve" her "success." I think the whole SNL debaucle was planned. It was genius marketing thought up by brilliant people who understand the trends of the psyche, specifically, that mediocrity and the successful loser are concepts that people embrace in this day and age. In Italy, every other woman of every age looked like Ashlee Simpson... same hairstyle, same clothing, same look. I heard her songs being played inside stores as I walked past. She's huge.

I look at my own life of music. I see the opportunities I blew because I had "scruples". Maybe I just had fear of being perceived as a dickhead. It takes guts to not give a damn! I've been at it for so long. I'm a good songwriter, a good performer, a passable singer and flute player. But I'm not good at dealing with "the system". I'm not good at managing people and getting them to do what I want and need them to do. I'm not good at convincing others that my sh*t doesn't stink. Anyone who is good at these things definitely deserves any success they achieve as a result. Even if their only claim to fame is a good looks and youth. We're all going to get old. We're all going to lose our good looks. We're all going to end up a body in a box (or ashes in a box, depending on your beliefs). So what?

Unless one is pursuing a truly noble cause, something that directly contributes to the greater good, then what difference does it make if one finds success in a career working for someone who exploits other people or through exploiting their own good looks and mediocrity... or whatever?

So I'm not going to complain any more about dippy pop stars or talentless superstars or any other supposed injustices in the music business. There's no point. Especially when there are real injustices in the world that are life or death. And especially because there are people who see the value in getting the public addicted to worshipping celebrities, and there's nothing I can do about it.

On a good note, someone replied to her with this message of love. One of our local music reporters wrote that there is a petition to remove Ashlee Simpson from Geffen Records. heh. Here is part of the article:
Ever since the detuned diva shrieked her way through the Orange Bowl halftime show Jan. 4, an army of detractors has been assembling on the Internet. Leading the charge is an online petition at . More than 65,000 people have added their digital "signature" to a document that requests, simply, that Simpson "stop recording, touring, modeling and performing. We do not wish to see her again.
Ok so maybe not all people are taking this crap that passes for entertainment lying down. This petition is directed to Geffen Records, not Ashlee Simpson. It took an 18 year old New Yorker to get the ball rolling who won't stand for fascist media corporations dictating what we should or should not listen to.

It's Too Late Baby

by pissed off patricia

This morning the news reports that more than thirty marines have been killed in a transport helicopter crash in Iraq. They don't tell us how many more than thirty. They say there was no enemy fire involved. Wonder if that story will change? More than thirty families will always remember January 26, 2005, as the day a member of their family died in Iraq. They may be asking why, I do.

Was it worth it? Was it worth the lies to get us there? Was it worth changing that country to what it is now for these thirty plus families to cry the way they will today? Was it worth the loss of these lives and so many others? My answer is resolutely, HELL NO!

If you want to argue this with me, don't bother. It's way too late for arguments. It's way too late for excuses. It's way too late for all of this and it's way, way too late for more than thirty dead marines and their mourning families. Let's bring the rest home before it's too late for them too


by pissed off patricia

While the right wing Christians are putting the squeeze on little Sponge Bob Square Pants for allegedly promoting the inclusion of homosexuals into our circle of friends (the nerve of that little cartoon Porifera). Ms. Condi Rice will be promoted for being complicit in a scandal to take America into a war based on contrived information. Okay, yeah that makes no sense but WTF, we don't need no stinkin' logic.

We now want to offer a $15,000 bonus to get an additional 15,000 soldiers to sign up for the Guard. As of now, we offer them $50.00 according to some reports and $5,000 according to others. We aren't getting a lot of takers so we want to up the ante. We are sort of auctioning off chances to go to Iraq and get the hell shot out of our Guard. Do I hear $30,000? Going once, going twice, sold to the soldier who needs money more than his family needs him. Patriotism has its price in more ways than one. Since we are short of Guard members, please tell all your friends who support this war to please sign up, volunteer, turn down the enlistment enticement, and support our troops by giving them a breather and a hand. I'm sure bush would tell you that war is "hard work", so get those red-staters on the ball and let's win this war right now. Tell them to take that tacky assed magnet off their SUV's and get their red state asses over there to help out where ever they're needed.

Sunday there will be an election of sorts in Iraq. Most of the Iraqis don't know who is running or where they will vote, but WTF, it will be a legit election. Some who are running are so fearful that they can't allow their names to appear on the ballot so they will be represented by a symbol or something. I don't think this election would pass the smell test in our country. Oh wait, Iraq sort of is our country isn't it? We invaded and we are occupying Iraq, we are paying for the war, we will pay for the reconstruction, and I'm guessing we are paying the salaries of the Iraqi army, such as it is. Damn, why can't we vote in the election too?

Come to think of it, we voted for a symbol too didn't we? Fifty two percent of Americans voted in November for a symbol of war and division in this country. They voted for someone who is scared shitless to appear in public without an arsenal surrounding him. They voted for a man who is despised in way too many countries around the world. They voted for a man who sees torture as an option. Holy shit, they elected someone who wouldn't even qualify to run in the Iraqi elections. Nice symbolic gesture on their part, don't ya think?

Tuesday, January 25


"They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they never kept but one; they promised to take our land, and they took it." --Red Cloud, Oglala Sioux

Foxed Gets Out-foxed

Submitted by Lalock

(That's Judy Bachrach from Vanity Fair Magazine blasting the Fox anchor lady.)
Watch it here. It's fun watching a Fox person having to try to defend Bush's inaugural extravaganza. She didn't do a good job either. It's interesting that the anchor didn't want to talk about the inauguration unless it was in a positive light. How very NOT fair and balanced. Most Republicans I know were disgusted by the inauguration festivities as well. Especially WWII veterans.

Transcript below:

BQ: Judy, welcome to you. We were noticing all the snow in Washington,…I hope that doesn't put a crimp on anybody's plans. Look at that gorgeous shot of the White House...

JB: Well, I have a feeling that maybe it should put a crimp, or at least something should put a crimp in the plans of the White House, to have such a very lavish Inaugural at a time of war.

BQ: Really?

JB: Yes. What I've noticed is that the worse a war is going the more lavish the Inaugural festivities. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President, during a time of war...he had a very modest Inauguration and a very tiny party where he served chicken salad...and that was when we were winning.


JB: When it seems like...Sorry?

BQ:…I...look...I mean...The President has addressed this hasn't he? He's said that this is a...I believe the quote was that we're celebrating. We're celebrating democracy, we're celebrating a peaceful transfer of democracy...what's wrong with doing that?

JB: Have you noticed any peace or any transfer of democracy in Iraq? If you have, you're the first person to have seen it....?

BQ: I've noticed the elections coming up, and Judy, to be honest with you, I didn't really want to argue politics with you this morning...

JB: Oh really? I thought was allowed to talk about what I wanted to talk about.

BQ: Weh..You certainly...certainly have that right. Let me ask you this--what should they have cut back on?

JB: How about 40 million dollars.

BQ: Alright....well, how would you have planned it?

JB: May I say something...may I say something...may I say something?

BQ: Sure

JB: We have soldiers who are incapable of protecting themselves in their humvees in Iraq. They have to use bits of scrap metal in order to make their humvees secure. Their humvees are sitting ducks for bombs, and we have a President who is using 40 million dollars to have a party. That's a start.

BQ: Judy, what would suggest for the Inauguration--how would you do it?

JB: How about a modest party, just like FDR. I'm sure you will agree he was a pretty good President with a fine sense of what's appropriate, and what's not, and during a time of war, ten parties are not appropriate when your own soldiers are sitting ducks in very very bad vehicles.

BQ: Well, don't you think that the President has...has given his proper respect to our troops, I mean, yesterday as far as I can tell, the festivities opened with the military gala, they ended with a prayer service, there just seemed to have certainly been a tremendous effort over the past couple of days and more than that, to honor our troops?

JB: Well gee, that prayer service should sure keep them safe and warm in their flimsy vehicles in Iraq. I'd rather see that money going to them rather than to a guy who already is President for a second time...

BQ: Alright...Well, Judy Bachrach, I think we've given you more than your time to give us your point of view this morning.

JB: Well, thanks for having me on.

BQ: Alright.

The State of The Union

Illustrated by Missouri Mule

Go outside tonight and see the Full Wolf Moon

From the Farmer's Almanac

Full Wolf Moon - January Amid the cold and deep snows of midwinter, the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages. Thus, the name for January's full Moon. Sometimes it was also referred to as the Old Moon, or the Moon After Yule. Some called it the Full Snow Moon, but most tribes applied that name to the next Moon.

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Someone Has a Plan but It's Not Us

by pissed off patricia

We've all heard about the additional 80 billion dollars bush is going to ask for to fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We know about our soaring deficit. Seems this all fits nicely into bin Laden's plan.

Thanks to Information Clearing House for this link
"Osama bin Laden, believes the way to bring down a superpower is to weaken its economy through protracted guerilla warfare. We "bled Russia for ten years until it went bankrupt and was forced to withdraw in defeat," bin Laden boasted in his October 2004 videotape. "We are continuing in the same policy to make America bleed profusely to the point of bankruptcy," said bin Laden"

Read the rest. The title of the article is, "Al Qaeda's economic war against the United States" by Gal Luft

Supporting the Troops

Like those stupid magnetic stickers mean anything. The only thing they're supporting is the company that manufactures them. Just nag your elected officials to bring the soldiers home if you want to support the troops.

According to Hackworth, at Soldiers For The Truth, "the combat pay of the average grunt in Afghanistan and Iraq is only $7.50 a day or a measly $225 a month. And to make matters worse, the folks bringing up the rear – hundreds of miles from the horror show – are pulling down the same combat pay as our heroes who daily lay their lives on the line. "

How's that for appreciation of our troops? $7.50 a day. Don't give me that, "They signed up for it" bullshit. Most of them were railroaded or just joined because they were impoverished to begin with. What a scam. No wonder the neocon bullies don't want to do anything about the poor in our country. It would do away with suckers willing to put their lives on the line for $7.50/day extra.

Hack reports:
"...I made a few phone calls. And sure enough, the guys living the good life in places like Kuwait and Qatar – for example that bronzed, handsome lifeguard saving lives at the base pool – get the same $7.50 a day as our heroes facing the bear on the mean streets of Iraq and in the treacherous mountains of Afghanistan .

"A soldier’s father reports that his son and his buddies – just back from Afghanistan – became very bitter when they went on R&R in Qatar and talked to Joes and Jills inside a fortress-like base so safe that soldiers are not authorized to carry individual weapons. And these lucky stiffs living in a relative paradise were also drawing combat pay!

"Another loophole creates an even more gross inequity: senior officers – read generals and colonels – regularly fly into Afghanistan and Iraq on monthly 48-hour useless VIP visits in order to both collect their combat pay for the entire month and rack up tax breaks that can run almost seven grand a month. Not bad double-headers for Perfumed Princes who can barely tell a foxhole from a bidet.

“The problem of our paying an equitable combat pay is the Pentagon’s bottom line,” says DefenseWatch Editor Ed Offley ( SFTT.ORG ). “Two years ago the ink hadn’t dried on the last Imminent Danger Pay increase when the Pentagon bean-counters were hustling to cut it.”

"There’s more to supporting the troops than slapping a bumper sticker on the back of your wheels or occasionally flying Old Glory and feeling good about vowing to bring freedom to the world. Trust me, making sure our valiant grunts get at least the equivalent of what the Greatest Generation received during the Big War would be far more meaningful. "
Col. David H. Hackworth ( USA Ret.) is co-founder and Senior Military Columnist for DefenseWatch magazine.

CLARIFICATION: Combat pay is in addition to regular pay.

The Inaugural Speech: Tyranny, Freedom, Socks, Bras, and Underwear

By James Boyne
It’s a nice speech. I wonder who wrote it. It must have taken a lot of English majors to put together that one. It’s a tribute to the White House staff of speechwriters.

So here we are, off a mission to rid the planet of tyranny. Why didn’t I think of that?

It sounds like an expensive mission. Tyranny is all over the place. Yes, tyranny vs. liberty. It has a nice ring to it. North Korea, Syria, Lebanon, Cuba, most of the continent of Africa, Haiti, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and wow, even Communist China (our favorite trading partner)----they are all countries under tyranny led by brutal tyrants. We really have our work cut out for us. Sounds expensive too. Wonder how long all this tyranny has been going on. We better get started and set the captives free so freedom will triumph. I’m listening to the speech right now. Bush just said that even God was going to help us. This is great.

This is really an eloquent speech. I have got to find out who wrote this. He just said we are ready for the greatest achievements in the history of freedom. I’m psyched.
Read the rest here

And there is a follow up story on the Ass Warmers at the Inauguration too!
"Here’s what we know. The President knew beforehand and had previous knowledge that ass warmers would be used at the Inauguration. "


by pissed off patricia

When a debate becomes personal, is it a sign of ignorance, arrogance, stupidity, anger or just plain old desperation? Recently there have been some comments left at this site that amuse and amaze me. If you have been reading the comments you probably know the ones I'm writing about.

Disagreements about the way our government is being run today are to be expected and I think debate is healthy. When we don't agree we should talk about it and hash out our differences. There's a real good chance that we will all learn something from one another. There are so many points of view and we should entertain as many as we can. If you see a particular situation differently that I do, that's great. Give me your reasoning and let's share our thoughts. You show me your facts and I'll show you mine. Sounds American as apple pie to me.

However, if you are only capable of attacking me personally in order to demonstrate your disagreement then please, save your time and your comments because personal attacks are not persuasive. Personal attacks during a debate are a sign that the debater has run out of reasoning and facts. The last ditch effort of a desperate person is a personal attack. It never works and it usually backfires on the attacker making them appear angry rather than informed.

Same goes for Condi Rice. It's fine to disagree with her and many of us do. If you attack her race or sexuality then you will be seen as a racist and/or a sexist and all the rest of your words will be filed away as such. I don't see Ms. Rice as a woman or a African American, I see her as one more person in this administration whom I question. I question her words and her deeds. I question why anyone would tell the American people that Iraq had nuclear capabilities when it is so evident that they did not. It's not a problem of race or sex with Ms Rice, it’s a problem with honesty and integrity.

There are some now who want to say that Sen. Boxer's questions of Ms. Rice were racially motivated. What does that tell us? It tells us that they can't defend what Ms. Rice has done so they want to toss in a red herring racial card to throw the argument to a different dimension. When you toss in a personal attack rather than defend or substantiate your argument, beware that you are showing your desperation very clearly.

Listen closely to the words of the other side, watch for a change of subject. When their argument becomes personal, consider your argument made successfully and recognize their desperation arises from the realization that they’ve lost the debate.

On my bedside

I read many book simultaneously (Aquarius thing) Here's what I'm reading now:
Reference Books
Last year it was all those political books and some quantum physics. This year it's back to early christian and mystical writings. We have lost so much over the years being "civilized". I have always wondered how much "knowledge" was tossed when Constantine legitimized religion.

Intelligent Design and Checking Your Brains at the Door

I often wonder just how intelligent the people are who tout "intelligent design" theory or "creationist" theory. Those are theories too. Evolution is sort of a theory when it comes to humans but is scientific when it comes to other forms of life. There is a missing link between prehistoric man and modern man as far as I understand because they evidently lived at the same time. (I watch the Science Channel) I don't know what makes that a bad thing to teach in school. I don't know what the exact curriculum is these days. I know that it seems kind of stupid to teach kids the creationist story. That should be relegated to Sunday school. In Catholicism, we were taught that Genesis was not to be taken literally. We were just to take away from the creation part that God created everything and that the writers of Genesis were not scientists. Not to worry. Made sense to me. Still does.

You've undoubtedly read the stories about the areas where they want stickers put on science books saying that evolution is just a theory. Eeks. Now they are touting intelligent design. Well at least intelligent design is a little more intelligent than creationism but it's still a theory and it simply inserts God into the missing link part of evolution. My opinion is that they should teach kids what they know about evolution, the missing links, maybe throw in the intelligent design theory when they get to the missing link part and when kids grow up and actually give a shit, they can read more or take courses on it in college, whatever. I don't think anyone is teaching kids that we evolved from monkeys anyway, are they? My son took a monkey course in anthropology at college and loved it. He didn't come away learning that we evolved from monkeys though. But monkeys did evolve. That's evolution.

In the Cincinnati Enquirer on Sunday, they bring up the latest debate "In Dover, Pa., the school board ordered science teachers to "read to ninth-graders a statement written by the school board that criticizes evolution and cites a controversial approach called intelligent design as an alternative." There is a lot of proof of evolution though. There is zero proof of intelligent design however. All the papers are picking up this story.

The Washington Post on Monday brings up God and Darwin. They talk about the intelligent design people as "...this new generation of anti-evolutionists, arguing that children have a "right to question" scientific truths, has had widespread success in undermining evolutionary theory." Children always had the right to question science but this editorial says scientific truths. Hmmm. Do children really question scientific truths? They ask questions but they don't usually argue them critically until they get to college or beyond. The article goes on and this is alarming and has nothing to do with "intelligent design" this has to do with lack of common sense and these are our fellow Americans. You may work side by side with one of these people and not even know it- "...a startling 55 percent of Americans -- and 67 percent of those who voted for President Bush -- do not, according to a recent CBS poll, believe in evolution at all. According to a recent Gallup poll, about a third of Americans believe that the Bible is literally true. Some of these believers have persuaded politicians, school boards and parents across the country to question their children's textbooks."

The NY Times yesterday approached this subject opining that "A more honest sticker would describe evolution as the dominant theory in the field and an extremely fruitful scientific tool. The sad fact is, the school board, in its zeal to be accommodating, swallowed the language of the anti-evolution crowd. Although the sticker makes no mention of religion and the school board as a whole was not trying to advance religion, a federal judge in Georgia ruled that the sticker amounted to an unconstitutional endorsement of religion because it was rooted in long-running religious challenges to evolution. In particular, the sticker's assertion that "evolution is a theory, not a fact" adopted the latest tactical language used by anti-evolutionists to dilute Darwinism, thereby putting the school board on the side of religious critics of evolution. That court decision is being appealed. Supporters of sound science education can only hope that the courts, and school districts, find a way to repel this latest assault on the most well-grounded theory in modern biology."

So does this mean that if people insist that 1+1=3 and it becomes a common belief, that the school boards have to put stickers on the math books? And why does belief in God have to make people so stupid? Well it doesn't in all cases, but in the majority of cases it appears to be so, doesn't it?

Americans are insistent on being misguided in all areas of life lately. This is an alarming trend. We used to be leaders in so many areas. Yes, the world is a scary place. Yes, it's dangerous even without human interaction. Yes, there has to be something more, an infinite justice-I hope. But this is no time to be downright stupid and yet, people are being led like sheep into the slaughterhouse of anti-critical thinking. What gives? Why are people just giving up? What squelched the human spirit in America? It wasn't George Bush. He and his ilk are just milking the lack of American will. Was it the media's constant drone of sensationalism that numbed the masses? What caused half of America to collectively turn off their brains? I wonder.

Monday, January 24

Message: "I'd Rather Kill Myself Than Have Someone Beat Me To Death".

From The Sydney Morning Herald:
"Twenty-three terror suspects tried to hang or strangle themselves during an orchestrated mass protest in 2003 to disrupt operations and unnerve new guards at the US military camp in Guantanamo Bay."
Read it all here.

Bitchin' a Little More

by pissed off patricia

Even as I type this, C-Span is showing the farewell ceremony for our illustrious Attorney General. Yes indeed, Ashcroft is saying bye bye for now. Of course there are lots of people taking the lectern to speak of how wonderful he has been for our country. Where the hell have they been and how many fools can fit into one spider hole?

Yeah, he's been fabulous if you believe a country that restricts the public's freedoms, and at the same time allows the government to break the laws of the land, is a moving in the right direction. Damn, has john boy made us safer or what? I vote for "or what".

Just looking at him scares the hell out of me.

I guess the reason we are jettisoning him is because the white house believes they just may have found someone even more evil. His replacement has proven his ability to be evil when he high-fived prison torture. Ha, beat that one John. Alberto is flying his pirate flag even higher than yours. His skull and crossbones can be seen around the world. Your puny little poison was pretty much just popular here at home. Sorry John, we have a nastier fellow in mind for your job. He has proven his evilness for a long time and now it's his turn to damage our country beyond repair. If there were true justice John, the first thing Alberto would do is slap your ass in prison along with a whole pile of other Washington crooks, sneaks and cheats. Of course if he locked up all the liars first we might run out of prison cells and just have to outsource the rest of you to foreign prisons. I'm sure you're aware of the ones. I bet you have all their addresses in your Rolodex already.

So go home tonight John and pour oil all over your body, pick up your bible and read all the "nasty" parts. Shine a bright light on your slippery body and pray. Pray that if there is a god that he is a forgiving god, because baby, you are going to need a lot of that if you even make it to your god's pearly gates. Even an oiled up criminal probably can't slide through the bars at heaven's gate. Be sure to, if all else fails, sing one of your songs that you wrote. They just might let you in, in order to get you to shut the hell up.

Yeah, adios John, you have possibly been the most evil doer in Washington. Yes, I know that Rummy is challenging you for that title but I doubt he can win. After all, you have the edge because you know you have god on your side. Quick John, take a look. Is god still with you? Are you sure? You look pretty alone to me. Any god that would walk beside you is not a god to me. What happens if we yank down that curtain and look at that statue's boobies John? Will your god strike us blind? Maybe he already has because you have never been seen for what you are, a maniac and a religious lunatic. So long John, it's been miserable to know you.

"This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper." -- T. S. Eliot

"The World Health Organisation said the outbreak of avian flu in south-east Asia, which infected 44 humans and caused 32 deaths in Vietnam and Thailand last year, posed a bigger threat to global health than the tsunami which devastated the region. The world was closer to an influenza pandemic now than at any time since 1968, and the present situation resembled that which led to the 1918 pandemic that probably caused more than 40 million deaths, the WHO said in a report."
Read it all here in the London Independent.


by pissed off patricia

So we're told, and I guess I believe it, Saddam paid families in Palestine if one of their members was a suicide bomber in Israel. Today the congress is mulling over yet another increase in death benefits to members of our military and increased veterans benefits. I see something similar in these two stories. To me both are encouragements to fight and die.

Maybe I'm just getting too rough around the edges but the entire idea of war and fighting seems to me to be a pastime for leaders of countries. The leaders say we will sit behind our desks and watch as people die to make us look even stronger, even more powerful. When this disaster in Iraq ever ends, the soldiers won't be the victors, our country's leader will be crowned the victor and the families of the dead will have a bit more money in their pockets. That disgusts me. See, I told you that perhaps I'm getting cranky and maybe a little out of line. But hell, who drew the line and why?

What is going on now? I listened to few country songs on the way to Savannah. Not much to choose from in radio stations along part of the way. You need to listen to these songs. One was a woman singing about being proud to be a "redneck woman". Another was a man singing about how cheap and low class his girl friend was, and yet another said America would kick butt. So many spoke of women being clueless, backwoods, cheap, girlfriends. It's scary folks. To hear these songs, you would think they were written in the woods by moonshine chugging jerks. Maybe they were, but the bad news is that they are popular right now. People seem to take great pride in their own ignorance. Seems it's in to be stupid, especially if you're a country girl. Why is that?

I think we're on our way to making women look so damned stupid that they can't be relied upon to do anything. Anything like have sense enough to decide whether or not they should give birth if they're pregnant. How can a real damned stupid woman make an intelligent decision about such things as abortion? Well obviously you dear sweet stupid moron, you can't. Better let the men make that decision for you little lady. You just get back into the kitchen, remove your shoes and wait for your big daddy to get ready to get you pregnant in the biblical way. Okay sure, big daddy may walk out the door to never return as soon as that new little baby cries for a couple of hours straight, but that's your problem, not his. You tell me which is best for a child, to grow up in a home filled with hell, or to never have to suffer such torment? How about the mother? Doesn't she get a say in all this? After all, it's her life too. Okay it is, but the direction we're going in doesn't sound like her life matters all that much. Why should it, she's just a "redneck woman" married to a brilliant, war loving, gun toting, butt kicking man. Not much going for her, and damn, he has so much going for him. Her best accomplishment is getting pregnant. His best accomplishment is keeping her that way. To hell with the future of their offspring as long as they can brag about giving birth to another human being. Jesus god, we're going backward at warp speed. Someone must have rewound the tape from the fifties and we're starting over. I don't mean to be rude or ruin it for anyone, but this is where I came in. I've already seen how things come out and it is a long tough slog for women. Why the hell are we going back when going ahead is so much more rewarding?

Maybe we're going backward because back when men ruled alone, some of them found it so much easier when they didn't have to entertain the idea that maybe, just maybe, women could equal or best them. Remember the battle of the sexes? Who won that one?

So Saddam fished for Palestinian suicide bombers and he used money as bait. We are fishing for military volunteers and we too are using money as bait. Meanwhile, women are being baited into believing that it's better to be downgraded from equals to baby machines with shit for brains if they want to get themselves a man. All this fishing going on and no one seems to be catching anything but hell.