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Monday, December 20

Winter Has Arrived on Long Island... A Day Early

It snowed here last night. Not a lot of snow but enough to make travel treacherous in that it rained first and then froze as the temperature plummeted into the teens and left a nice layer of ice beneath the blanket of snow. That's the worst. I think the high temp today is 23º and the low is 16º. Nice. Not. Yesterday it was 50-ish. There was a cute little snow drift in front of my door this morning- oh about 8 inches. Very cute.

Naturally I wasn't home last night and was surprised to to find my son's car frozen solid in front of my friend's house and had to crack the ice with my car keys so I could gain entry into to poor little PT Cruiser (my car was blocked in at home so I took his) which is emblazoned with flames- oh that wicked manly machine of pure testosterone with its 4 cylinders of pure power. It's got heated seats. Whew. Of course I was wearing a windbreaker and sneakers with no socks as it really wasn't that cold when I went out. I should listen to the weather once in a while. Ironically, I was watching a movie called "Ice Storm" on IFC at my friend's house.

Yesterday, I was at the end of my rope as I begged the husband and son to pleeeeeeeeese take down the canvas awning on the back patio because one of these days it might snow and the awning was not made for snow load or ice. It might get cold too and no one would feel like working outside either. Also I really didn't want to have to think of the backyard until spring. Alas, the awning came down just in time. Another whew. We jammed everything into the shed just in time too.

Well it's officially winter on the Isle of Long. I think the pansies and mums that were still blooming as of the other day have had the radish, as we say here and I have no idea what that means. I suppose the grass will turn brown. I donned my plaid flannel Lanz of Salsburg nightgown which is the second official sign of winter, took my prescription drugs from the shrink and drifted off to la la land. We still haven't been invited anywhere for Christmas. I guess we'll be joining the Jews for Chinese food and a movie premiere on the 25th. I might like that.

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