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Friday, December 24

Wear and Tear...

Maybe I meant War On Terror. Anyway, fear not, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy...There is no social security crisis. But there will be if bush and his good little boys and girls in Congress have their way.
To wit: "While Social Security does little to protect against inflation (something it was not designed to do) it does protect against the potential ravages of economic collapses. To invest Social Security in the stock market would render this depression-safety-net worthless, and possibly could even hasten conditions of something hitherto unseen: a perfect storm in the market with the coming of an inevitable demographically driven market collapse." So says David Price at (Bear with me here; I'm still trying to figure the hotmail links.)
In any case, simple words cannot describe the ecstasy I feel on hearing the rumor that Social Security payments will increase by 2.7% next year; especially since I read recently that the boys and girls in Congress voted themselves a 3.5% increase. And that reminds me; here's a handy little site for you all: Type in your zip code here and there and send and receive e-mail messages to and from your, local Senate and House members. There's also a review of recently passed legislation. By the way,anybody remember the last time a proposal in Congress didn't pass?
Before someone jumps on me for being too all-inclusive in my condemnation of the legislative bodies, let me say this: Any Senator or Representative who doesn't stand on Jan. 6 and challenge the electoral college vote is a wussie. Or is it woosie?

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