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Tuesday, December 28

tsunami, not a river, of denial

While I am avoiding studying for the Texas Bar exam, I thought I read that a U.N. official said that President Bush was "stingy" regarding the $15 million in relief he pledged for the victims of the tsunami.

Is it really news to the world that Bush is "stingy?"

Bush hasn't made a public statement between clearing brush on the faux ranch and exercising. He had a little National Security Council meeting and made some other possibly offensive remarks. President Clinton, the old pro, made some on-point remarks and of course made the two-term Bush look like an amateur.

Over ten percent of Americans live in poverty, and the world discovers that Bush is "stingy." Bush has cut Pell grants and student loans to college students, and the world discovers that Bush is "stingy." Bush mocked death row inmates who plead for their lives, and the world discovers that Bush is "stingy." Bush wants to gut tort litigation and prevent individuals from suing giant corporations and holding them responsible for their negligent acts, and the world discovers that Bush is "stingy."

Not only is the man "stingy" he is out of touch with everyone except the world of corporate oil. His own mother commented that she couldn't bother her "beautiful mind" over body counts in Iraq. I doubt she is rolling any bandages for Indians, either.

It is a miracle that there has been any coverage of the tragedy. It is so abstact to Americans that this many people are dead and more will die due to disease, it is safe to report it like some strange increase in a human lottery jackpot. What is real, like how out of touch our media and therefore ourselves are, isn't reported. We have a terrible conflict in Iraq, violent crime in our neighborhoods, our schools are a failure, trying to live day to day is more and more difficult, and we can't get on airplanes and have our luggage arrive with us. Media is comfortable reporting the increase in the death toll in Asia because it is comforting that no matter what is wrong here, we are not there.

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