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Friday, December 31

Tsunami footage too graphic?

When I'm not reveling in the sights of Arizona and I'm just chilling out in the hotel suite, we watch CNN to keep abreast of the South Pacific catastrophe. Last night Anderson Cooper mentioned that viewers were complaining about the graphic nature of the tsunami footage being shown. I wonder how many people complained and what is wrong with their remote control? I wonder what planet these people think they are living on.

PS: I'm online via AOL this week, so I checked out the tsunami message boards. I was happily surprised that many felt that bush should put off his inauguration festivities or donate the money to help the victims. Sadly, the majority of sentiment was full of hatred. Here is an example of some of the sentiment:
What happened in Asia is certainly tragic, but it still pales in comparison to our own tragedy, 9/11. What happened in Asia was a natural disaster. 9/11 was brought about by hatred of Americans. The tsunami victims were poor and lived in huts. The 9/11 victims were productive members of society, and the loss of real estate was unimaginable.

What an asshole.

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