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Sunday, December 26

Talking politics and religion at yuletide

This past year I learned who my friends were. So I got to spend a really really quiet Christmas season and holiday for a change. I learned that a lot of these "friends" were actually pro-war and they believed that the death of tens of thousands of innocents was justifiable. It will end terrorism they say. Oh really? I'd like to see that. Not kidding. I would love for all of this horror to have a happy ending somehow. Maybe I will wake up and it will have all been a dream.

People say you should never talk religion and politics. Bullshit, I say. You should talk religion and politics if the media is talking religion and politics non stop. I brought the war up a few times at some social events this year and found at that some of my "friends" felt that the only good Iraqi is a dead Iraqi and believed that Islam is an evil religion. I was glad to find that out so that I can never bother with those people again. It explained my suspicions of their redneckian leanings. Another lesson I learned was that some people are only your friend when they want something and pretend to like you and what you stand for. They conveniently disagree with you wholeheartedly when it's payback time. Normally I would forgive a debt but when someone is pro-death, I must demand payback as I don't support blood.

If there's a war going on, most definitely you should talk about war. We should look at pictures of Christmas in Iraq. I suppose until they start a draft, most people are more than happy to support the war as long as there are 40 and 50 year old ladies willing to serve in Iraq and defend our country. And let's not forget the young people who signed up to defend our country this holiday season. No, let's not forget their kids and the Iraqi kids. We should think of all the good that is being done in Iraq too, whatever that is. Well no, I can't think of all the good being done there because there is so much blood on America's hands. No blood for oil, as they say. I'd rather ride a bike and do with what I have to save lives.

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