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Thursday, December 16

Spoiled in America?

by pissed off patricia

We have machines to wash and dry our dishes and our laundry. We hire someone to manicure our lawn. We take the car to have it cleaned, inside and out. We now have a robotic vacuum cleaner so we don't even have to be involved in that activity. Some even hire a housekeeper to clean the house for them and a dog walker to walk their dog. We go to a salon to get our hair washed and our nails done. So with all these chores being done without much effort on our part, what do we do? We pay fees at the local gym to workout. We pay for things so we don't have to sweat and then we go to the gym and pay to get to sweat. Jeezz, no wonder the rest of the world thinks we're nuts. We just may be.

Perhaps if we didn't depend on costly luxuries so much, we wouldn't need to pay for a daily workout. Perhaps if we hung our laundry on the line outside, mowed our own grass, washed our own car, walked our own dog and cleaned our own house, we would be so damned tired from that workout that we wouldn't need the workout at the gym. And, we just might have a little more money in our pocket and a little less fat on our ass.

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