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Sunday, December 19

So Whose Fault Is It?

The media says it's the liberal media that put the soldier in Kuwait up to asking Rummy why they don't have armor. I mean how dare a soldier ask the Fuckface of Defense right before Christmas such a question? It might ruin Rummy's Xmas. And who is this liberal media anyway? I keep hearing about it on the media! Anyway, Inhofe says it's Clinton's fault that our troops have to scrounge for armor and that Iraq is a big mess. Now I seem to remember that bush said that it was Kerry's fault that the troops had no armor even though the $87 billion got passed anyway. But didn't I just read that Armor Holdings Company gladly increased its production from 450 to 550 vehicles per month after the big broohaha over Rummy's disgrace in Kuwait? They said all they needed was someone to tell them to increase the production rate. Of course the US Guvmnt didn't order more vehicles or anything and somehow that relates back to Clinton and Kerry or something... I don't know. You figure it out.

UPDATE: Read comments section for brilliant informed commentary plus great quote by Duncan Idaho: You fuck over the troops with the Secretary of Defense you have, not the Secretary of Defense you wish you had. You're living in your own Duncan Idaho

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