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Friday, December 17

Rewarding Fuck ups, It's a Must

by pissed off patricia

So Zell, I am completely insane, Miller, will honor the swift boat liars. Well sure, that makes sense after bush honored the Iraqi war failures with little medals this week. Sure, why not? If you appear to be headed straight to hell, wait a second, we have an award for you. Then this morning we hear that we have a secret prison. Whoever came up with that idea is probably in line for an award too. See that's our new world. The more you fuck up the cooler you are. We reward fuck ups now. Jeez, just think how many of us have gone through our whole lives trying like hell to do things right, trying to help our fellow man, trying always to do the, some would say, the Christian thing even if we didn't call ourselves Christians. We learned right from wrong and we mapped out our life trying our level best to head in the right direction. We didn't lie or cheat or steal. There were times when it would have been easier to lie or cheat or steal, but we didn't because we knew it was wrong and we would have hell to pay, figuratively if not literally. Boy, were we wrong.

Who knew that a day would come when you would actually be rewarded for doing all three sins. Lying has become accepted. Cheating is a must. And, stealing is expected. My oh my, who knew?
So what does this tell the kids who are growing up in this world today? Think about it. Hey kids, it's honorable to lie to everybody all you have to do is create a reason and fake everyone out. Hey kids, cheating has it's rewards, and no we aren't joking. There really are rewards. Hey kids, it's okay to steal, just call it borrowing.

No matter what kind of creative mind you have, you couldn't make this shit up!

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