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Sunday, December 19

Reason 10,982 To Not Want To Admit To Being Christian

44% of Americans in a nationwide poll conducted by Cornell University believe that Muslim Americans should have their civil liberties curtailed. These 44% described themselves as Republican and/or highly religious. just shoot me Researchers also found that these people also paid attention to television news and are fearful of another terrorist attack. Figures.

Also in the article:
"According to the survey, 37% believe a terrorist attack in the United States is still likely within the next 12 months. In a similar poll conducted by Cornell in November 2002, that number stood at 90%."
That's interesting. Maybe they thought that a terror attack was going to happen around the election and since it didn't happen, that we are out of danger. Or maybe, perish the thought, people think that since bush won, we are safe now.

Rob Schumacher kindly passed along this link to the PDF file with the full results of the survey. I took a quick look (I'll print out the rest and study it further) and have surmised that watching television news and a having high degree of religiosity makes you paranoid, intolerant and rather stupid. We already knew that, but now we can see it in numbers. The scary part is that almost half the country falls into this category. Just stay near the cities and you'll be ok.

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