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Monday, December 27

President Says Something Sort Of Compassionate

While perusing the news today, I found something quite surprising. Our leader said something downright Christian. He didn't attribute the quote to Jesus, who was the one who said it in the Gospel of Matthew, but said "we are called" without naming who or what calls us. If I were a Christian minister, I'd be all over this. heh. This is the second time our dear leader left Jesus out of the season. Here is the leader's quote:

"Christmastime reminds each of us that we have a duty to our fellow citizens, that we are called to love our neighbor just as we would like to be loved ourselves," Bush added. "By volunteering our time and talents where they are needed most, we help heal the sick, comfort those who suffer, and bring hope to those who despair, one heart and one soul at a time."

By golly those sound like the 2 commandments of Jesus and the corporal works of mercy!

Then bush went on to talk about our troops who are fighting enemies of freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq who are "bringing liberty to the oppressed" and "are helping to win the war on terror" He explains that "they are defending the freedom and security of us all. They and their families are making many sacrifices for our nation, and for that, all Americans are deeply grateful."

I don't feel any safer knowing that a whole bunch of Iraqi's are dead. There are some of us who would disagree with bringing liberty to the oppressed by way of blowing them up, raiding their homes, torturing them, killing their children, allowing their antiquities to be looted and leaving them tons of depleted uranium to remember us by.

Governor Richardson of New Mexico really summed up the true spirit of Christmas (NOT) with this quote: "No one has fulfilled the spirit of the Christmas season more than the men and women who are serving our military overseas." I wouldn't use the term "spirit of Christmas" and "military overseas" in the same sentence during the devastating occupation of another country which didn't have WMDs and wasn't going to blow us up. I don't mean to disparage the troops. They are trained to do what they do and following someone's orders. It's just a sad sad reflection on our world at large.

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