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Monday, December 20

Other Junk In The News

by Blondesense

Dumbsfeld used a machine to sign letters of condolence to the relatives of soldiers killed in Iraq. Jeez, he couldn't take time out of his schedule to sign his name and not be a prick for 2 seconds? Guess not. Now is this the type of family values government that people voted for? Is this defensible? I am sure it will be defended somehow and even some people whose kids were needlessly killed in bush's folly might defend it. This was revealed by David Hackworth who used to be a military analyst on Fox News but I don't think he is anymore because he is very outspoken against the bushistas.

It's seems that in Florida, the court ruling against using vouchers for religious schools in November inflamed conservatives. There is this little problem with the Florida constitution: separation of church and state. Rather than altering the radical conservative agenda, there is talk about radically altering the Florida constitution.

The R.C. Church, with all its money and its bank, has "generously" started an AIDS fund with a whopping $132,000 and urges "people to contribute even if they object to the Church's opposition to the use of condoms to fight the spread of the disease." Well yes, people should help the charity if it truly helps those who are dying of the disease. It is up to churches to help those who are sick and dying. I'm not in the mood to write a dissertation on condoms today. I do wonder why the RCC is so cheap though. A cool million would have been nicer. Ante up Popey.

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