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Friday, December 17

Oooh, The Kerik Story Gets Juicier....

So Blondie, don't you have a life or anything?
No, not really. Why do you ask?

The last time we looked into Bernie's life we found that he was married and had children. No one seems to know anything about this illegal alien nanny that he purports to have employed. But everyone seems to know about the simultaneous affairs he had with 2 women at the love shack overlooking ground zero that was donated to weary WTC search crew. The most righteous Judith Regan, who was most outspoken in her nauseating disdain for President Clinton's almost unspeakable indiscretion on national television numerous times, was incensed when she learned of Bernie's other mistress and that Bernie's wife, who he wasn't even in love with, yeah sure was with child, broke off her relationship with Bernie, the love machine.

The NY Post now reveals that Bernie wanted Judith back and stalked her and her family. Bernie, a stalker? Say it isn't so. What next?

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