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Thursday, December 16

It gets curiouser and curiouser

So did Rambo have a nanny or not? He's not talking.

Last night, Mr. Kerik was told that skeptics in city government circles were questioning the very existence of the nanny, and he was pressed to provide any kind of evidence to document that she was real. But after taking time to consider the request, Mr. Kerik again decided to remain silent on the subject.

Most puzzled about the nanny, perhaps, are former neighbors of the Keriks and their kin. In the Riverdale section of the Bronx, where the family lived in a first-floor apartment for years before moving last year into the Franklin Lakes home they had extensively renovated, neighbors did not recall any household help. One neighbor, Dennis Doyle, noted that Mr. Kerik's wife, Hala Matli Kerik, a former dental hygienist, not only seemed to care for Celine, now 4, by herself, but that she did her own laundry as well. NY Times
My blondesense tells me that Rambo Kerik had a wicked affair or 2 at an apartment near ground zero that was supposed to be for weary ground zero workers, not horny police commissioners, and perhaps 2 wives at once and that was why he withdrew his nomination. Oh and probably because he suddenly because he went from rags to riches. This nanny story is hogwash. And St. Rudy of New York is over before he even got started.

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