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Thursday, December 30

In Response To The First Two Comments In The Blog Below:

POP, Mule, And Everybody,
I'm hip to your sentiments. I've written Leach, Harkin, and Grassley dozens of times and the standard response is the "we're looking into the situation" bullshit reply. "Thank you for your concern". Sound familiar? POP, punch up and see what happens. The rest of you , try this: or this: This ain't no recruiting drive. I could give a shit less what your affiliation is. But there's at least a couple of outfits that are trying to do something--the Greens and the Libertarians, "Glibs" for short. They're the ones who with nothing to gain, except respect, are leading the fight for an honest recount in Ohio. There's a lot of hot poop on the subject at, as well as

My next letter to Harkin is going to include the question: "On January 6, are you going to stand up like a man, or stay seated like a Republican in Democrat's clothing? Or maybe an "ass of a different color"?

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