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Thursday, December 30

Greetings From Sedona Arizona

by Blondesense

The rainbows are thick and juicy here. I saw lots of them since I arrived in "sunny" Arizona. Hundreds had to be evacuated from Sedona as the temperatures rose thus melting Flagstaff's snow. I got to see Sedona on CNN and all over the news here in the Southwest. It's funny when you go to a place where it hardly ever rains and then when it does, the news is loaded with stories of rain. There were helicopter shots of cars driving in rain. The kind people of Sedona apologized to me for the rain. I told them that it was just like home. But it isn't like Long Island home here. It's like a home for my soul. I woke up today and poked my head out the door and what to my wondering eyes should appear but the most gorgeous sights of my life.

Today I hiked up the beautiful red rocks of Sedona with a spiritual guide. I have never seen such a beautiful place in my life and never have I felt such energy. This place has been calling me years. I didn't know why. But here I am. I felt the energy rush through me like lightning while I was high above Sedona standing in magical, mystical places where this world meets the other world. There is a god, you know. It's not that god who hates gay people and loves war. This god is the creator and this god doesn't have a lot of rules and regulations. This god wants us to love each other and pray together very hard for peace to come over the world. This god wants each and every one of us to hand over our sorrows and suffering to be healed and gone forever so that we may remain in the light.

More pictures and visions to come soon.

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