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Tuesday, December 21

Early Morning Smile Theft

by pissed off patricia

Woke up, got outta bed.........

I got up this morning and as I walked/stumbled to the kitchen I noticed six new presents under our tree. Seems Mr. Pissed off Patricia had stayed up last night and wrapped gifts long after Mrs. p.o.p, had kept her date with her pillow. A great big smile appeared on my face when I saw the presents and the little girl side of me got all excited. Maybe this is Christmas after all. My smile was so big that I'm surprised it fit on my face.

Then I went in to the kitchen, fed Murphy the bichon and Fred, our adopted ex-street cat. I started the coffee and turned on the TV. I listened and watched and somewhere in there I lost my smile. First I heard that even more drugs are killing people than they thought, but these aren't illegal drugs, these are drugs the FDA let slip by their scrutiny. Good work FDA, you helped steal my smile. Then I hear that there's a new pill that will replace sleep, of course there is a danger that truckers will take these damned things and become road hazards. Okay fine, a little more smile is missing. Then came the announcement that there has been a large explosion at a military base in Mosul with multiple casualties. Shit! That's when the smile faded and not even a Cheshire cat grin remained.

So as I sit here and wonder how bad the news will be from Mosul as we find out more about what happened, I begin to wonder about something else. What do bush and all his neocon buddies feel and think when they get up on a morning like this. Does the news get to them like it does to me and probably to you? Do they feel that stab in their heart when they hear about deaths in Iraq? Does that news throw a dark and heavy blanket over them and does it hurt, or do they just brush it off? Do they ever feel like screaming out loud because they are so frustrated and so worried about what we are doing to the rest of the world? Do they ever cry when they're all by themselves. Do they ever cry for people they don't even know? I do, and it seems lately I do that a lot. Do they?

You know, I sure do wish they cried and I wish they would tell us if they do. I think if they are human they have to feel sad and they have to worry. Bush didn't look worried yesterday at that press conference. It's weird to me that he often smiles when he speaks of deaths and killing. Next time he's on TV, watch his face when he talks about these things. He smiles. I don't. Seems it's okay for him to have his smile whenever he wants and I guess it's okay if his war steals my smile away. I don't like that one bit.

So you and I cry while he smiles. I believe there are more people crying today than smiling. Maybe that's why he smiles so much, he uses the smiles he has stolen from all of us.

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