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Wednesday, December 22

Christ-less Christmas in the White House

I have been so busy preparing for the 2007th birthday of our savior, Jesus that I almost forgot to read World Net Daily this week. Most of the stories are kind of boring and whiney this week, but one whiner was rather ironic.

Here's the poop.

Did you notice that our leader has been neglecting to mention Jesus in his speeches? He rarely says the word "Christmas" and uses that "holiday" or "season" word instead. There is only one creche on display in the White House and you can hardly see our Lord and Savior. The White House decorations in my opinion are really beautiful however they pay homage to Frosty the Snowman and Santa which really irritates Christian taxpayers who are trying to make a case against department stores, businesses and government offices which don't support Jesus and now our own leader who was appointed by the Lord himself, barely gives him a mention.

WND goes on to complain that our leader gave more of a religious explanation for Hanukkah (Remember the brave Maccabees speech?) than to Christmas and even paid more attention to Kwanzaa last year than to Christmas. I believe that Jerry Falwell proclaimed that Kwanzaa was a fake holiday.

See yesterday's post about the bushistas and their support of Rev. Moon as the new messiah from Gadfly. The WND knows that Moon is no messiah. It's beginning to make sense to me now... all this fake religiosity by bush.

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