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Wednesday, December 22

Buy Blue

I always try to shop where they take good care of employees and pay them well. So naturally that leaves out Wal-Mart the evil empire. Used to be that Home Depot took good care of its employees, but not anymore from what I hear from those few left who work there.

Secondly, I care about what companies gave to the fascists Republicans. To my dismay, gave 60% while Barnes and Noble gave almost 100% to the Democrats. Bummer. I like Amazon, the bastards. I'll still shop there. Mark Morford today wrote a good column about buying blue. He claims that Starbucks has great employee benefits and gave 100% to Dems. Almost made me want to take up drinking coffee but I have enough cravings already. He says to use Google over Yahoo, which I do and to use Hyatt Hotels. I happen to love Bed, Bath and Beyond- they gave 93% to Dems. Yay!

Thirdly, I try to buy American made products too. It's hard but I do try.

>Edited by blondesense for clarity.

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