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Friday, December 31


by pissed off patricia

How low can they go? I received an email this morning with the word "tsunami" in the subject line. I opened it and the content was all about cheap drugs from somewhere. Yep, even the spammers are into benefitting from the disaster.

I also heard this morning on TV that tourists are yet going to the islands and staying in the hotels that survived. Yes the islands need the tourist money but how the hell can you splash around in the pool when dead bodies are still washing up on the shores? There were reports of tourists bitching because the service wasn't what they expected. I hope those weren't American tourists. I wish the tourists would stay home and instead donate whatever money they were planning to spend there to a worthy relief cause instead.

It's amazing how some human beings can turn a tragedy into a money making operation. After Hurricane Jeanne blew through our area it wasn't days but hours until some were selling t-shirts that said, I survived Frances and Jeanne. The local newspaper is selling a book now filled with photos of the aftermath of the storms. Nope, nowhere in the book does it say that the proceeds are going to a charitable organization. We actually received one of these books as a Christmas gift. Why the hell would anyone think that we would want to see those pictures and relive that experience? You wonder sometimes where people's heads might be. I have one idea but I won't say it here.

You have probably heard that Powell and Jeb Bush are flying over to view the area where the tsunamis hit. Why those two you ask? What good will it do for them to view the carnage first hand? Doesn't Jeb have a job being the governor of Florida? Why not save the cost of their plane trip and add that money to our donations? Well yes, that makes all the sense in the world, but this isn't about logic, this is about something else. Powell will soon be political history so why him? They say that Jeb is going because he has dealt with hurricane damages. Yeah, right. The tsunami death toll and damages are way different than our hurricanes. Could it be that Jeb's face will forever be associated with our American kindness to the victims and be remembered as such in 2008? That would be my guess. Jeb has repeatedly stated that he has no intention of seeking the presidency in 2008, and we all know that bushs never lie. We do know that, don't we? Please keep in mind that when you go to the neocon's PNAC website, Jeb's name is right there along with all the others. He's there with Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz and all the rest. Yes, please do keep that in mind. Please!

So here we are on the eve of a new year. I have a suggestion for a resolution for everyone. Let's resolve to do our level best to try to make the world a better place in the coming year. Let's try to make 2005 a year that we will look back on with a smile. From my point of view, 2004 was not pretty and it wasn't kind. It has been a year of so many tragedies and so much hardship around the globe. I'm pretty sure we can do better, aren't you?

Here's to a new year of love and kindness. Here's to a new year of peace. Here's to a new year that we can be proud of and remember with fondness. Here's to a Happy New Year!

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