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Wednesday, December 22


by pissed off patricia

A couple of weeks ago when the houses were burned in Maryland, the law enforcement folks thought environmentalists had set the fires and thus it was proclaimed an act of "ECO-TERRORISM". I bitched about that term then and I'm bitching about it again. Now it seems some punk assed gang decided to burn the houses to make a name for themselves, or at least that's what it says in today's New York Times. Here's their headline on the story today, " As Investigation Widens, Arson Is Linked to Maryland Gang" See? It's gone. No more use of the word terrorism now, it's just arson that's gang related.

When they thought it was environmentalists who burned the houses, they tacked on "TERRORISM" to make it real damned big and scary. But when they discovered they couldn't tie the crime of arson to the environmental community, well shucks, it's back to just plain old run of the mill arson now.

Looks to me like someone is working on making environmental a dirty word and environmentalists a mean and rotten and dangerous group. Think environmentalist, think TERRORIST. Yes, there are some in the environmental community who have gone over the hill just like some in the religious community are right over the hill with them. It happens.

What about Jim Jones and the Kool-aid deal? Was Jim Jones a religious terrorist? What about the people who feel that god will work medical wonders so they won't allow their sick child to see a doctor? If the child dies, are they religious terrorists?

How the hell do you define a terrorist? I have apparently been mistaken. I thought that a terrorist was someone, usually from another country, who killed people, lots of people. But according to this house burning deal, where no one died, I guess a terrorist can be anyone we want it to be and their crime can be any crime we want it to be. Pick an organization, accuse them of a crime and then tack the word terrorist on after their name. Let's say we find an abortion clinic has been blown up during the night. How quickly would we hear the term "anti-abortion terrorist"? I kinda doubt we ever would.

I find it ironic that this bunch of losers in this punk assed gang burned these houses to make a big name for themselves and the best name they can get is just plain old arsonists. If they were smart they would claim they're environmentalists, then they could gain lots and lots of notoriety because that would qualify them as the much dreaded and much feared........ECO-TERRORISTS.

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