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Tuesday, December 21


by pissed off patricia

If you go to the site you will find that Giuliani Partners, in 2002, joined up with Ernst and Young.
From the website:
"January 15, 2002 - New York, NY. Rudolph W. Giuliani and Ernst & Young LLP, a global leader in professional services, jointly announced today that they have established an alliance to offer consulting services and to make and manage investments. The first company formed from this alliance, Giuliani Partners LLC, will focus on helping Chief Executive Officers and Boards of Directors secure the future of their firms by advising them on the protection of their companies' financial and physical assets, knowledge, people and brand."

Then if you tip-toe around the site you'll find their executives and guess who is a senior vice president? Yep, one Bernard Kerik. Knowing what we now know about him, it's sort of funny now to read how he is described on the site. You can read it here

So just to add to the story about Giuliani Partners. There's this from Dec. 1, 2004

"NEW YORK - Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who made headlines in the 1980s prosecuting Wall Street financiers, now plans to join the club and build an investment advisory practice.

Giuliani’s consulting firm Wednesday said it purchased accounting firm Ernst & Young’s investment banking practice for an undisclosed price. The new investment bank, Giuliani Capital Advisors LLC, will advise companies on deals such as acquisitions and restructurings.

The Ernst & Young investment banking unit, Ernst & Young Corporate Finance LLC, has executives and staff in six U.S. offices."
Is it just me, or does it seem a coincidental opportunity that Giuliani is getting his fingers on Wall Street at the same time that bush is trying to move social security money over to Wall Street? Is someone giving Rudy a gift that keeps on giving?

If it is just coincidence and luck, it's damned amazing coincidental luck.

Oh yeah, speaking of coincidental luck, it happened to Rudy before. Here's something else from the website.

"Giuliani Partners and Sabre Technical Services Form New Venture –– Bio·ONE™

January 13, 2004 - Boca Raton, FL. Flanked by Rudolph W. Giuliani, Chairman and CEO of Giuliani Partners LLC, and John Y. Mason, President and CEO of Sabre Technical Services LLC, David Rustine, President of Crown Companies and the new owner of the American Media Inc. (AMI) building announced today that Bio·ONE™ has been selected to decontaminate and remediate the building –– site of the first recognized anthrax incident in 2001.

“"Bio·ONE has unique chlorine dioxide-based technology and experience cleaning-up anthrax-contaminated buildings with no residual toxicity. This made them the clear choice,"” said Rustine.

Sabre Technical Services, a leader in biological and chemical remediation technology and services, has teamed with Giuliani Partners, a management consulting firm with extensive experience in security, emergency preparedness and response, as well as crisis management, to create Bio·ONE Solutions LLC. Bio·ONE is a joint venture that will work to enhance the current technology and to expand the uses of chlorine dioxide as a tool for dealing with biological and chemical incidents, as well as develop new beneficial public and commercial applications. The new joint venture will be headquartered in the remediated AMI building."
"The American Media Inc. building was the first building where anthrax was discovered in October of 2001. This contamination resulted in the death of the National Enquirer's photo editor, Robert Stevens. The building has remained under quarantine since. Rustine purchased the three-story, 67,500-square-foot building in April 2003 with the goal of restoring it as a safe workspace."

Seems Rudy has a real knack for making lemonade, doesn't it? Our social security money is about to go over to Wall Street to subsidize big business and there's old Rudy standing there ready to take care of it and maybe get a little financial benefit too. We still have no clue who sent the anthrax letters, but have no fear, Rudy and the gang comes to the decontamination rescue and what luck, more financial benefit.

Makes you wonder, huh?

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