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Thursday, December 16


by pissed off patricia

In today's Washington Post,Richard Cohen, gets it. And, he gets it exactly right! He writes about the medals that bush gave to the failures. Mr. Cohen suggests that perhaps Bernie Kerik should have received a medal too.

Here's part of what he writes, but you owe it to him and yourself to read the entire piece.

"To make these awards in the face of failure -- the mounting American death toll, the awful suffering of the Iraqis, the looming possibility of civil war, the nose-thumbing of the still-at-large Osama bin Laden and the madness of making war for a nonexistent reason -- has the creepy feel of the old communist states, where incompetents wore medals and harsh facts were denied. For this reason Bernie Kerik -- three months in Iraq building a police force as good as rhetoric can make it -- seemed as likely and appropriate a recipient of a presidential medal as any of the others."

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