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Saturday, December 18

Bitchin' Because This is Nuts!

by pissed off patricia

I just listened to Crossfire on CNN. Both sides seemed to be saying the same thing. The topic was what to do about Christmas? Should we say, Happy Holidays or should we say, Merry Christmas? What about Hanukkah?

If you say, Happy Hanukkah, to me, I would return your greeting by saying, Happy Hanukkah to you. How difficult is that? If I say Happy Hanukkah to someone and they say Merry Christmas to me. So what?

Everybody needs to take a deep breath and relax. No one is going to wish you anything merry and kind while meaning anything offensive. That's it, bottom line.

Have we become such spoiled Americans that we fight over what kind of greeting and best wishes we will allow to be given to us? If you want a zillion plastic Jesus, Josephs and Marys in your yard, that's fine by me. If I want a Santa in my yard, why wouldn't that be fine by you? Why can't we respect one another, wish each other good cheer and happiness without trying to find something to squabble about. Hell folks, it's Christmas for god's sake. Enjoy it all and stop bickering.

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