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Wednesday, December 29

Bitchin' Because I Have To by pissed off patricia

And you said it wouldn't happen. Well, it did.

The president of the most powerful nation on the globe took a couple a minutes out this morning from biking and clearing brush on his "ranch" so that he could address the earthquake/tsunami disaster. That's the disaster that occurred, uh when did it occur? Oh yeah, last SUNDAY. Today is what day? Oh yeah, it's WEDNESDAY. The frat kid of the hour gave up a few minutes for the cause. Finally shamed into doing a little Texas jawin' with us commoners, he moseyed on over. We couldn't see him when he spoke so we don't know how sad he looked. Seems he was with a few members of the press at his own private helicopter hanger at the "ranch". He actually sounds even more ignorant when he speaks sans TV camera. He reminded us that he has sent letters of condolence. No one reminded him that a damned condolence letter is about the last thing that is needed right now. Maybe his letters could be used for toilet tissue. My favorite part of his, peek-a-boo we can't see you, speech was when he told how awful the parents of the children killed in the disasters must feel. He tried to get mushy and gushy, but it didn't come across very well. I guess the parents of Iraqi children who have been killed in his war have no feelings and no hearts, because I've never heard his chimpness mention them.

Our bombs and bullets have killed children every bit as dead as the tsunamis did, and I'm pretty sure tears are just as plentiful in Iraq as they are in the wake of the tsunamis. I'm sure Iraqi parents cry just as much when they bury their little dead collateral damages of war, as the people do now when they bury their sweet little children who died as a result of this natural disaster.

Meanwhile we seem to be in a pissing match about which country has and will give more money to the disaster victims. I don't remember this ever being a concern in the past after major disasters abroad. Why now? Seems we're being awful defensive about this. Could it be because this is the first time, at least in my memory, that just about everyone in the world thinks we're a country of butt-heads? And, with the pocket change that we first handed the victims, haven't we proved our butt-head reputation was deserved? I guess when you lie and declare a war in which thousands of innocent people are killed it looks pretty bad. Especially when the whole world knows that we are spending billions every month to kill people. That sure makes giving pocket change to save lives look pretty sad. Our message is that we will spare no expense when we are about a war and killing people, but when it comes to saving lives we shall hold our purse strings very tight. No wonder we're holding our butt-heads very low.

Now hop on over to the Washington Post and read this article. "Aid Grows Amid Remarks About President's Absence"

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