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Friday, December 17

Bitchin' About Computer Devils

by pissed off patricia

Is it just me or is this happening to everyone? I am getting swamped with spam these past few days. I went from only a few spamettes a day to getting ten to fifteen each time my "check mail" deal kicks in. Naturally I just delete them unopened but still, what the hell is going on? Some show no subject or sender while others are in some funky characterization. I recognize many subject lines as phishing emails. Ha, as if I have the accounts the subject line is asking me about. If you don't know what phishing is, please Google it and you'll see. Never reply to one of these emails. Ignore them and delete them. When in doubt, always delete.

If only they could come up with something like a code that you could give your friends and only their emails would make it to your computer. Sure, eventually the spammers would figure it out but for some amount of time we could relax a little. I hate having to be on constant guard for fear that some jerk will figure out a way to screw with my computer and drive me to drink before cocktail hour. May spammers, virus writers, and all the other assholes who mess with our computers burn forever in computer hell. May their own computers go up in a puff of smoke. Especially the heathen of the devil who sent me the Netsky virus a few months ago. It was cloaked as a message from Symantec and arrived about five minutes before the real Symantec warning arrived. Too late, I had been had. I stayed up until almost midnight that night removing crap from my computer. Next day Symantec had it's removal tool but that tool didn't remove junk, it just de-virused the junk. I forget now how many hundred files I had to find and remove. That was hell and that's why I hope with all my heart that whoever does this sort of stuff to us will suffer until the end of time. Yeah, that's harsh, but not nearly harsh enough!

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