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Monday, December 20

Bitchin' about Bush and Our Environmental Future

by pissed off patricia

We all feared it was coming and here it is.

Bush to scrap American green code
"Not to be outdone, the Republican chairman of the House Resources Committee, Richard Pombo, has announced an equally radical review of the Endangered Species Act, the country's principal measure for the protection of wildlife and ecosystems, against which he has long campaigned. The law has been the main obstacle to the wholescale felling of much of the US's remaining endangered temperate rain forest.

And in a third assault, congressional leaders have also announced an attack on the National Environmental Policy Act, which requires detailed assessments of the environmental effects of major developments before they proceed.

Philip Clapp, president of the National Environmental Trust, said last week that the previous Bush administration had largely contented itself with weakening environmental legislation by watering down environmental rules, but the new one now intended to go much further, making the changes permanent by rolling back the law. "

He added, "We will now see an assault on the law, which will set the US in the direction of becoming a Third-World country in terms of Environmental protection."
Are you crying yet? There's more in the article.

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