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Tuesday, December 21

Apparently I Can't Shut Up Today

I know I'm blathering on and on today, but I feel like I'm losing it and so I'm talking it all out to you. Hang on with me, okay? I'll be happy to return the favor if you ever need it.

Now the news out of Mosul is that twenty something people have been killed and fifty something others have been wounded. You know what? I think all those people would be okay this very minute if george bush had not declared this war. Yes indeed, that's what I think and believe. I think all those deaths and injuries are directly and completely related to us and more so to those Americans who voted for bush in 2000 and in 2004. They committed the crime and we are all guilty by association.

Don't they see what they have done? Don't they? Don't they see that if we buried all the innocent Iraqis we have killed in this war in the same place, there would be one more mass grave in that country? How the hell can they miss that? I'll tell you one thing and I know I'll probably get pissy comments for saying this. If this is such a god fearing fucking country why the hell aren't these god fearing fools scared to fucking death right now? We're all walking around with other people's blood dripping from our hands. Why can't they see it or smell it? It doesn't just dry up and fall off because we keep applying more every day. Today we added a whole lot more blood to our hands and topic number one is do we say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? Twenty some new graves will be dug soon and America is bickering about political correctness in holiday greetings. Yes, that's what our main concern is today. Some want religion everywhere while others want it left in the church. How about the freshly killed twenty something bodies folks, where shall we put them?

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