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Saturday, November 20

We're baaaack

The US is building a case for war against Iran (like we're so shocked). I hope the thinking human beings who work for the media are awake for this. Britain France and Germany are trying to deal diplomatically with Iran, but of course the Bush administration is saying that it's unlikely that Iran will really stop enriching uranium.

Would you stop enriching uranium if a foreign superpower reduced your neighboring countries to rubble? I didn't think so. What would we feel like if China invaded, occupied and reduced to rubble both Canada and Mexico? How much do you wanna bet that the US wanted to invade Iran from the get go but went for the neighbors first? Maybe bush isn't that stupid afterall. Well one thing is for sure. This administration has no family values, no fear of god, no morals and certainly no integrity.

This administration laughs in the face of true christianity. This administration makes a mockery of Jesus' teachings. This administration is a fraud. Christian values do not include war, torture, executions and lying.

Liberals do not despise Jesus or his teachings as they like to proclaim. It's a lie. In fact liberals are more in line with Jesus' teachings, whether they are christian or not, than this administration and the Bob Joneses and Jerry Falwells. Natural law, endowed on us by the creator and embraced by liberals demonstrates the love and forgiveness of Jesus. Don't let the xtian right tell you otherwise. They are lying, deceptive tools of evil who spit in the face of everything that is good in the world. I am just fucking sick of the bad guys pretending that they own Jesus.

War and fear sure keeps our minds off the raping and pillaging of our democracy.

So where is the underground railroad to Canada for our kids?

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