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Sunday, November 21

We should have a party

A real political party that represents regular thinking people with real family values. Not family values that spew hatred like Republican family values. Not a bunch of wimpy Democrats who pretend to care, but don't.

The majority of Americans need a political party that gives people a chance to take responsibility for themselves.

I don't need religion in politics. It's too complicated. I don't need the stinking 10 Commandments. Jesus gave us 2. Love God (all creation), Love your Neighbor as yourself. Period. Encompasses everything. If you love, then you won't hurt others or yourself. How simple.

I want a simple political party. Not a mewling puking bleeding heart political party nor a fascist, controlling my life, party. Give all people a fair chance and have social programs for those who really need it. If we help those on the margins they are less likely to commit crimes against the rest of us. duh. How sad is it to step over homeless people in city train and bus stations. How very ridiculous to have that in the supposed greatest country in the world. What a farce.

After reading this excerpt from Maureen Dowd this morning, I knew that I just don't fit in the picture:
At the Republican governors' conference in New Orleans, Ken Mehlman, the Bush campaign manager, answered the question, Who's your daddy party? "If you drive a Volvo and you do yoga, you are pretty much a Democrat," he said. "If you drive a Lincoln or a BMW and you own a gun, you're voting for George Bush."
Where do I fit in? I drive a Chrysler Sebring even though I can afford a BMW, I like to walk for exercise even though I could sign up for a yoga class but I like to be outside, I don't have a gun and I don't want one. Who am I gonna shoot? I'd rather play my guitar or work in the garden for leisure. Where do I fit in? Where's my party?

I want fairness
I want honesty
I want social and economic justice for all
I want less crime and less jails
I want there to be no toleration for those who are greedy.
I want a media and politicians that can't be bought by special interests.
I want anti-trust laws
I want mom and pop stores to come back cause I want one.
I want peace.

UPDATE: Ooops, in the comments, I suggested a 'Superman' party for Truth, Justice and the American Way. It just came to my attention as I was reading the morning news at that Superman is Too Super a Role Model:
Superman is too good a role model. Fans of the man from Krypton unwittingly compare themselves to the superhero, and realise they do not measure up. And as a result, they are less likely to help other people.


They [researchers] asked students to list the characteristics of Superman, or alternatively superheroes in general, as part of a larger questionnaire. Later on, subjects were given the opportunity to volunteer for a fictitious community programme.

Students who thought of Superman volunteered much less of their time than those who thought about other superheroes. Furthermore, Superman-primed subjects were significantly less likely to show up at a meeting for volunteers held three months after they were initially asked to participate.

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