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Wednesday, November 17

Wartime Abortion

by pissed off patricia

Okay anti-abortion people, how about this type of abortion? Is it okay if it's done this way?
Why aren't you raising your holy hell about this?

This from Dahr Jamail's website:

14 November 2004, The Sunday Herald - Scotland's award-winning independent newspaper

"She weeps while telling the story. The abaya (tunic) she wears cannot hide the shaking of her body as waves of grief roll through her. “I cannot get the image out of my mind of her foetus being blown out of her body.”

Muna Salim’s sister, Artica, was seven months’ pregnant when two rockets from US warplanes struck her home in Fallujah on November 1. “My sister Selma and I only survived because we were staying at our neighbours’ house that night,” Muna continued, unable to reconcile her survival while eight members of her family perished during the pre-assault bombing of Fallujah that had dragged on for weeks."

(there's more and it's ugly)

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