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Wednesday, November 24

Thanksgiving Prayers

Mark Twain's Prayer for Soldiers (excerpt)


Blondesense Prayer for Liberals

Oh Lord, our God, please give us the courage to unceasingly pester
the government into getting our troops out of Iraq soon
whether they like being there or not
and not sit by and criticize it without doing anything.
Give us the courage to call upon our cable companies
and demand that they take Fox News off our television.
Give us the impetus to travel from all corners of the land
and march on Washington by the millions before inauguration day.
Give us the strength to say no to buying goods that we don't really need.
Especially me, dear Lord, I beseach you.
Help us to truly live in peace and fight all the injustices in the world
with perseverence and little regard for our creature comforts.
May we always practice what we preach.

If you're out there, please help.

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