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Friday, November 12

So what's new?

Oh goodie, global warming is seen as a boon to the shipping industry. What a coincidence.

Oh goodie, Bush and Blair are going to bring peace to Israel and Palestine. How ironic.

Oh goodie, Army tanks showed up at an anti-war protest in California. (quicktime movie) How fitting.

Oh goodie.The election isn't over yet. Who is going to be the next Woodward and Bernstein? Bloggerman?

Uh Oh. The grand refusal has started. I can't stop shopping. Help me.

Oy vay. Bill Maher is being sued by a former model because he doesn't want to play "power couple" with her anymore. Take that, O'Reilly!

Oh goodie. Not only did Gonzalez counsel the president on torture. He counseled the former governor of Texas on who to execute.

Oh bummer. The terror threat alert was lowered to yellow here in NY. No more cute cops with big guns to gawk at perched at every Starbucks and tourist haven.

Oh cool. National Turn Off the TV Day. Jan 20. All Spin Zone Rocks

Mr Bush is killing babies.

And he's creating new veterans at this very hour.

And what's this about the US using chemical weapons in Fallujah?

And sure, I'd like to see the 9/11 investigation open. 75% of New Yorkers believe it was a coverup. We should know. We live here.

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