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Friday, November 12

A Sin Against Woman

The delightful Jaye, fellow blondesense reporter and blogger of Winding Road writes:


Women seeking abortions in Mississippi must first sign a form indicating they've been told abortion can increase their risk of breast cancer. They aren't told that scientific reviews have concluded there is no such risk.

Similar information suggesting a cancer link is given to women considering abortion in Texas, Louisiana and Kansas, and legislation to require such notification has been introduced in 14 other states.

Enough lying to women. Enough. Women need to take control of their health and their bodies. If it isn't the pharmacist refusing to fill birth control pill prescriptions--Message to Women: I will not participate in facilitating your well being--it is abortion clinics lying to women about mythical cancer risk. Message to Women: Have an abortion, lose your breast, i.e. you womenhood, to cancer. "

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Don't you just love this? Grrrrrrrrrrr

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