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Monday, November 22

Shirts and Bumpster Stickers You Always Wanted

I have been designing all sorts of pictures and sayings for T-shirts, buttons, cards and bumper stickers. I'm not done yet. I'll set up a Cafe Press Store one of these days because I want to get some buttons and Tshirts made with snarky sentiments. Last year, I made really bad Xmas cards that only a certain amount of people actually "got". It was a picture of Jesus that said, Love Me or Burn. Ok, so that didn't go over too well. Not from a theology master. heh.

Anyway, do you brilliant folks have any ideas for this project? Snappy sayings on politics, values, god, ecology? Christmas Card ideas? A graphics idea? Dirty Biblical Quotes you like? Ironic Biblical Quotes? Quotes from our Forefathers that contradict America today?

I'll upload some of the ideas soon for your perusal and approval.

What say you?

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