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Saturday, November 13

Religion I Can Live With

by pissed off patricia

Last night we went out to dinner. As always, we left the TV on in the bedroom. We leave it on for the dog. Don't ask. Anyway, when we came home there was a program on, the guest was Sister Joan. Forgive me for not taking note of the program. I listened to Sister Joan while preparing for bed. Let me correct that, first I heard her, and then I listened. Oh my goodness, she made so much sense. She made one statement that rang out loud and clear. She said, regarding the Christian Right, "They're pro-birth, not pro-life." Think about that. She's so right! The Christian Right fight for the fetus to be born but once it's born they pay little attention to what happens to it after that.

This is a Sister with passion that I can live with. I wish all religious people could see life the way she does, because that's exactly what this country needs right now. We need dozens and dozens of Sister Joans. It's thinking and rationale such as hers that just might be able to heal the wounds and span the divide.

I am not a religious person. I know that not everyone believes what I believe. I am not anti-religion. I appreciate that religion is very important to many, many people. Sister Joan's words are religious words that I can believe. I don't agree with every single thing she says, but I think I agree more than I disagree. Her point of view earns and demands my respect. You just might feel the same.

From the National Catholic Reporter site:
"Yes, but what about the rest of us?"
"To tell you the truth, whatever the protocol of acceptance and concession speeches after presidential elections -- and I watched both -- I would not call what we just went through a national election. Or at least not a healthy one. I would call it a warning, a signal of things to come, the klaxon of what is clearly a crossover moment in time, perhaps, but not a real profile of the historic American character and hopes."

And, here's more:
"The fact is that what we saw is what extremism looks like, what cultural evolution looks like, what fear looks like, what religion run amuck looks like. We saw radical right fundamentalist religion pitted against the most shameless definitions of secular liberalism as weak, immoral and irresponsible. It was the battle of two one-eyed monsters writ large. No nuances. No common ground. No common sense. No real evidence."
(please, please, go and read the rest)

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